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Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the April 25, 2005 Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Lembke at 6:31 p.m. in the Board room at the Donald “Red” Loehr Police and Court Center at 300 Park Drive.  The meeting was open to the public and notice was posted in the 24-hour lobby of Ballwin Police Department, the Government Center, and The Pointe on the Friday preceding the meeting.  Those in attendance were Chairman Lembke, Committee members Suozzi, Robinson and Pogue.  Also in attendance were Aldermen Buermann, Gatton, Fleming, City Administrator Kuntz, Director of Parks & Recreation Bruer, Chief of Police Biederman, City Engineer Kramer, Finance Officer Loehr, Human Resource Coordinator Morrison, and Mayor-Elect Young. 
Chairman Lembke said the purpose of this meeting is to gather topics for a full meeting agenda.  The following topics were suggested: 
  1. Tree topping law and/or education
  1. Racketball/handball outdoor courts
  1. New Ballwin/Ferris Park improvements
  2. Goose control possibilities – Meadowbrook is doing dog control.  Director of Parks & Recreation Bruer said that she has looked into the dog control.  She has also checked into a goose round-up through the Missouri Department of Conservation.  There will be a meeting on May 15 wherein the Missouri Department of Conservation will determine which communities will be eligible.  Considering the photos that she has sent to them showing the dropping and damage that the geese have done in Ballwin, that Ballwin would be a good candidate for this.  She said the topic of the use of the dog vs the roundup can be discussed.  Forest Park did a roundup.  They roundup as many geese as they can, and they take them away.  She said we have a permit to oil the eggs and it does work to a certain extent, but all of the nests are not located.  Geese lay their eggs in the same location with the same mate year after year, so we know where to look for the nests.  There are some nests that we don’t find.
  3. Golf Clubhouse usage as a senior center during the day.  Director of Parks & Recreation Bruer said that we are doing more senior programs with the Lafayette Older Adults.  All of the communities involved either put in financial resources, staffing, and we provide the facility.
  1. Walking/Jogging path plan.  Director of Parks & Recreation Bruer said that after we have a plan, we can then apply for grants.  There is money at the federal level for trails.  A comprehensive plan that involves our community as well as other communities, would do favorably in a grant competition.
  1. Pool area crosswalk on Holloway Road.  Alderman Robinson said that yellow standards are placed in the median line without putting up a median.  There are 3 or 4 for a distance of about 10 yards.  This gives the illusion that the street is getting more narrow.  Traffic engineers say that this illusion generally causes the traffic to slow down.
  1. Privatization of the clubhouse banquet operation.  Director of Parks & Recreation Bruer said that there are some tradeoffs with this scenario.
  1. Land dedication instead of rec fees.  Alderman Pogue said that perhaps a non-resident ID could be considered.
  1. Leaf and limbs composting site with State assistance for mulch.
  1. Manchester Road identity
Chairman Lembke said that the next meeting of the Parks & Recreation Committee will not be scheduled at this time, however, the suggested items will be included for discussion at that time. 
Adjourn:  There was no further discussion and the meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.
Chairman Ray Lembke
Robert A. Kuntz, City Administrator