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2017 Budget Work Session

Meeting Agenda


The Ballwin Board of Aldermen will meet for a 2017 Budget Work Session on Monday, October 10, 2016 at 5:30 p.m.

This meeting is open to the public and the building is handicap accessible. 

            Eric Hanson               
 Eric Hanson, City Administrator


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Meeting Minutes

The minutes are prepared in summary to reflect the overall discussion – not verbatim quotes.

The Budget Work Session was called to order at 5:35 p.m. by Mayor Tim Pogue.
In attendance were Aldermen Jimmy Terbrock, Michael Finley, Kevin Roach, Mark Stallmann, Frank Fleming, Jim Leahy, and Ross Bullington. Also in attendance were City Administrator Eric Hanson,
City Attorney Robert Jones, Police Chief Kevin Scott, Director of Parks and Recreation Linda Bruer, Director of Public Works Gary Kramer, Finance Officer Denise Keller, Human Resource Coordinator Haley Morrison, Streets Superintendent Jim Link, and City Clerk Abigail Johnson.

Finance Officer Denise Keller provided an overview and comparison of the estimated 2016 income and expense compared to the 2016 budget. Ms. Keller also presented a draft of the 5-year Capital Improvement Plan for the Board’s review.

City Administrator Eric Hanson provided an overview of the projected 2017 sales tax revenue. He stated there are some uncertainties due to the recent passage of the amended sales tax bill that could affect the City in 2017. If, after collecting revenue throughout the year it is determined the City was overpaid, the City would need to reimburse the difference to St. Louis County. Currently there is no way of knowing the exact amount the City will/should receive. He stated with these uncertainties, as well as the current national economy and political environment, staff projected 2017 sales tax revenues very conservatively.
Following the overview provided by Ms. Keller and City Administrator Hanson, staff presented their overall projected departmental budget plans:


Ballwin Life Magazine will begin quarterly distribution in 2017. The cost is about $40,000 with the anticipation of ads offsetting the costs to about half or $20,000, which is what the City spends on publications currently.
Three sets of banners will be purchased to be placed along Manchester Road on the light poles designed to hold banners. The plan is to purchase additional banners in the years to come to provide a variety to be used throughout the year.
Other Items to be included in the 2017 Budget:
Changes in the Inspections Department due to several staff retirements
Archiving of Minutes via Municode
Implementation of Toughbooks in all Police Cars
Annual Server Replacements/ Upgrades
Annual Desktop Computer Replacements
Network Security Audit will be conducted

The Board briefly discussed the increasing annual cost of maintaining streetlights. Ballwin is one of four cities in the metro that cover the entire cost for all street lighting in the city. The anticipated cost this year is just short of $600,000, making it one of the largest expenditures in the administration budget.

Parks & Recreation

The primary focus will be on maintaining current facilities – there are no big changes expected.
Street Tree Maintenance is now under Public Works. Parks will continue to handle the tree planting.
Projects in the park includes:
Tennis Court repairs/resurfacing in Vlasis and Holloway Parks: The resurfacing will also include striping for pickle ball.
Upkeep and maintenance of The Pointe parking lot
Replacement of a half-ton truck
Rebuilding of the patio at the Ballwin Golf Club: The bricks on the current patio are uneven and a safety concern.
Staff will be rebuilding #9 tee box due to erosion form the adjacent creek.
North Pointe:
Increase part-time staff pay rates
Repaint competitive pool
Refinish the interior of the enclosed slide
Increase part-time staff pay rates
Final phase of Pointe renovations including: painting the interior of the pool – walls, slides, and play structure
Replace original spinning bikes and dumbbells

Police Department

Changes implemented in 2016:
Reduced 3 certified positions through restructuring from 51 to 48 officers
Reduced administration staff from two full-time employees to one
Comprehensive fleet analysis reduced three vehicles
2017 Budget Items:
Purchase 3 SUV Ford Interceptor vehicles
New Dodge Caravan for Detectives and for surveillance
Covered parking for the fleet vehicles
Install two additional Cameras: one in the Armory and one in the Evidence vault to comply with certification
Replace battery pack for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Update Dictaphones: Phone recording system in the Police Station

Public Works

Sidewalk, Pavement, and Traffic Control programs are being combined into one program to be known as "Streets and Sidewalks".
CDBG funded curb ramp bids this year came in extremely high. Not expecting the cost to
decrease significantly. These ramps will be constructed in-house.
Resurfacing Streets
Country Club Drive is original and needs replacement. To provide a smoother surface it will receive an asphalt overlay next year.
With the completion of the wall, Caybeth will be milled and resurfaced.
Henry Avenue (federally funded) street reconstruction project
Holloway Road -submitting application for federal funding
Slab Replacement-Contractual throughout the city
Cypress Trace
Highland Ridge
Mansion Hill- first phase was totally replaced with concrete. The remainder will be replaced in a
similar manner in 2017
In-House Slab Replacement
As a cost saving measure in-house slab replacement in 2017
Seven (7) streets

13 streets
Ries Road Bridge - construction is budgeted for 2017.
Ramsey Lane Bridge - Acquisition of easements is budgeted for 2017 with construction in 2018.
Trees Reassigned to Public Works
Removal of limbs with bucket truck
Contractual tree removal.
Equipment budgeted for 2017 includes:
Trucks & Attachments
One-2-ton truck
One-1-ton truck for signs
Swap Loader with dump bed, concrete maker, plow, and salt spreader
Salt Spreader replacements
Paving Equipment
Mechanical thumb
Sweeper for bobcat
Shop & Building
Shop Welder
AIC for building
Sign Plotter
Two Leaf Vacuums
Traffic counter
Emergency Work Lights

Happy Court wall replacement is included for next year construction. Easements will be required.
Mosquito fogging will continue on a city-wide, weekly basis with St. Louis County larvaciding standing water in creeks
Leaf collection will continue using temporary laborers

Projects and Purchases Postponed to 2018

Items cut from the original departmental submissions

Google Apps $23,700 Delayed until 2018
Website redevelopment, annual
maintenance fee $36,000 Delayed until 2018
HR Recruitment software $3,000 Purchase in 2016
File server replacement $5,000 Delayed until 2018

Parks & Recreation
Parks Master Plan (Capital budget) $125,000 Delayed until 2018
Pool Wibit - Pointe $12,000
Greensmower replacement $38,000 Delayed until 2018

Public Works
2 ton truck $142,035 Delayed until 2018
2 electronic message boards $50,000 Delayed until 2018
Contractual street repair $1,012,932
Total: $1,447,667

Mayor Pogue adjourned the budget meeting at 7:18 p.m.


A Johnson
Approved: October 24, 2015