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Finance & Administration Committee meeting

Meeting Agenda


November 14, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.

300 Park Drive- Donald “Red” Loehr Police & Court Center


Agenda Items: 

  1.       Review of September quarter financial statements – General Fund
  2.       Sewer Lateral program

Meeting Minutes

Finance & Administration Committee Session Minutes
November 14, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.
300 Park Drive – Donald “Red” Loehr Police and Court Center

The minutes are prepared in summary to reflect the overall discussion – not verbatim quotes.

The Finance & Administration Committee Meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. by Alderman Frank Fleming.
In attendance were Aldermen Jimmy Terbrock, Michael Finley, Kevin Roach, Mark Stallmann, Jim Leahy and Raymond Kerlagon. Also in attendance were City Administrator Eric Hanson, City Attorney Robert Jones, Finance Officer Denise Keller, Human Resource Coordinator Haley Morrison, City Clerk Abigail Johnson, and Finance Clerk Kathy Medlin.

Alderman Fleming announced the Agenda provided has been amended to remove the item on the September
quarter financial statements – General Funds. The meeting’s discussion would include the Sewer Lateral Repair
Program and if time allowed the Purchasing Policy would be discussed.

Sewer Lateral Repair Program
Finance Officer Keller provided information in regards to the Sewer Lateral Repair Program. A discussion
took place on possible options that might be available to increase funds in order to allow residents a
quicker return or to cover payment should they have their sewer lateral repaired.

Based on the amount received from the special assessment sewer lateral tax, typically only 100 residents
can be reimbursed at one time.

Currently there are 70 approved applicants for the program who have been placed on a waiting list for
2018 funds to become available for reimbursement.

It was discussed to take this issue to the voters and ask if they would want to increase the special
assessment sewer lateral tax in order to increase funds and provide money to more applicants. Currently
the special assessment sewer lateral tax is $28 and can be raised to not exceed $50.

City Administrator Hanson added that there is a private company that partners with cities, similar to that
of an insurance company, where if the homeowner signs up for the program they will be covered for
repair on any service line running up to their house. This would eliminate the City’s involvement with the
approval process for the repair program.

Overall, the Board did not think there was a problem with the way the ordinance is written and did not
think the insurance program was in the best interest of residents. The only way to increase the number of
applicants that can be reimbursed timely would be to increase the special assessment sewer lateral tax.

Alderman Finley stated he would be interested in finding out how many houses in Ballwin still have the
original clay pipes and how many have been replaced.

Alderman Terbrock suggested that if special assessment fees were to be raised that an outline be
provided for how long the fees would be raised in order to even out the amount of repairs being done
and the sewer lateral funds available.

There was no time for a discussion on the purchasing policy.
Alderman Frank Fleming adjourned the Committee meeting at 6:59 p.m.


A Johnson Approved: November 28, 2015