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2018 Budget Workshop Meeting

Meeting Agenda


2018 Budget Meeting
September 25, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

300 Park Drive - Donald "Red" Loehr Police & Court Center


The Ballwin Board of Aldermen will meet for a Work/Planning Session on Monday, September 25, 2017, at 6:00 p.m.
The item(s) being discussed is the 2018 Budget.

This meeting is open to the public and the building is handicap accessible.

Eric Hanson, City Administrator

Meeting Minutes

The minutes are prepared in summary to reflect the overall discussion – not verbatim quotes.

The Budget Work Session was called to order at 6:11 p.m. by Mayor Tim Pogue.

In attendance were Aldermen Jimmy Terbrock, Michael Finley, Kevin M Roach, Mark Stallmann, Frank Fleming, Jim Leahy, Raymond Kerlagon and Ross Bullington. Also in attendance were City Administrator Eric Hanson, City Attorney Robert Jones, Director of Development and Assistant City Administrator Andy Hixson, Police Chief Kevin Scott, Director of Parks and Recreation Linda Bruer, Director of Public Works Gary Kramer, Finance Officer Denise Keller, Human Resource Coordinator Haley Morrison, Streets Superintendent Jim Link, IT Manager Paula Reeds, Director of Marketing and Communications Kirsten Hochstetler, and City Clerk Abigail Johnson. The Budget Work Session Meeting was adjourned at 7:02 p.m. by Mayor Pogue to conduct the scheduled Board of Aldermen meeting. Mayor Pogue announced that the Budget Work session would continue at the conclusion of the Board Meeting. The Budget Work Session Meeting was brought back into session at 7:50 p.m. by Mayor Pogue.

Finance Officer Denise Keller provided an overview and comparison of the estimated 2018 income and expense compared to the 2017 budget.

The projected 2018 budgeted General fund revenues are $19,555,115 and General fund expenses are $21,957,794.

This leaves a deficit of $2,402,679. If we back out the transfer of fund balance for the Government Center construction of $2,863,472 and add in the amount to be committed for future public safety expenditures of $416,412, we are left with a projected surplus of $44,381.

Capital fund revenues are $5,191,447 Capital fund expenses are $5,601,367

This leaves a deficit of $409,920. Applying the anticipated carryover of fund balance from 2017 of $266,562 and utilizing recreation escrow of $148,781, we will end with a projected surplus of $5,423.

Following the overview provided by Ms. Keller and City Administrator Hanson, staff presented their overall projected departmental budget plans. Below are highlights from each departments projected budget items for the 2018 Budget:


Streetlight expense budgeted to increase by $20K in 2018      
Great Streets funding for Banners decreases by $5,000      
Annual Server Replacements/ Upgrades      
Annual Desktop Computer Replacements      
IT Manager Security Training      
Transition to Google Docs      
Replacement of document management software      
Year 1 of a 3 year program to microfilm records at the Government Center      
Audit fees will increase by $3,200 for a single audit required for the Federal Henry Avenue project      
New World module to enhance tracking of FMLA cases     

Parks & Recreation     

Parks Department           
Seal multi-purpose court and walking path at New Ballwin Park           
Replace 14 year old Gator utility vehicle          

Golf Course
Replace 11 year old Greens mower,            
Purchase a new top-dresser to take better care of greens           
Gabion Baskets Install to fix erosion problem on #9 tee box (in-house staff to perform installation)

Pointe at Ballwin Commons            
Upgrade Elevator            
Replace Original concession tables on pool side            
Purchase Retractable volleyball net for staff safety     

North Pointe
Sandblast and Paint Kiddie Pool            
Paint Leisure Pool

Building Systems            
Purchase New Floor Scrubber            
Replace ‘poor’ rated van used by Building Systems

Police Department

Salary increases - compression                 
Pension expense                            
Additional dispatcher                    
IT Specialist                        
Virtual Academy training                             
Training seminars                            
Honor Guard uniforms                 

Vehicle expenses                                           
Auto accessories                             
Vehicle GPS units                            
Auto detailing                   

Social media software                   
Toughbooks (in-car laptops)                      
Personal computer replacements                           
Email encryption software                          

Radar units                        
Ballistic steel plate carriers/helmets                       
Bullet resistant vests                     
Dictaphone system replacement                             
Base station receiver upgrade                   
Evidence bar coding system                       
Rapid ID mobile scanner                              
Headset, dispatch                           

Lobby upgrades                               
Deprogram portable radios        

Public Works

Streets & Sidewalks

Slab Replacement:     
Windcliffe (concrete section)     
Caprice Gardens     
Castle Pines – Phase 1
Curb and Gutter Replacement:     
Old Ballwin Road     
Curb ramps and tripping hazards on above streets

Slab Replacement:   
Kehrs Mill Trail     
Holloway Ridge     
Village Meadows     
Fairway Lake
Windcliffe (asphalt over concrete pavement section)     
Royal Oaks     
Old Ballwin Road
Henry - replace existing sidewalks that exceed ADA maximum cross slope     
Curb ramps and tripping hazards on mill/repave streets.

Federal Funding
New Ballwin Road – submitting application for federal funding for curb and gutter replacement, curb ramp upgrades, and sidewalk tripping hazards.

Snow Control      
Average salt usage since 1996 is about 2,200 tons       
Salt brine is expected to reduce the annual usage by about 320 tons       
2018 budget includes 1,880 tons.

combined bidding; sequential      
   Ries Road Bridge - construction     
   Ramsey Lane Bridge – construction

Storm Drainage      
Woods Mill Road – west side drains between sidewalk and street pavement

Continued Services      
Mosquito fogging will continue on a city-wide, weekly treatment with St. Louis County standing water      
Leaf collection will continue using temporary laborers      
Striping by contract      
Traffic signal maintenance by contract      
Salt brining streets in advance of impending winter storm      
Removal of limbs with bucket truck      
Contractual tree removal      
Stump grinding by Parks Dept.

Equipment over $7,500     
Streets and Sidewalks Program            
Stump grinder            
Trailers (2)            
Tack sprayer            
Property Services Program            
Leaf vacuum (1)            
Support Services Program            
One-ton trucks (3)            
Additional two-way radios (9)


Mayor Pogue adjourned the Budget Work Session Meeting at 9:16 p.m.


Tim Pogue, Mayor


Eric Hanson, City Administrator

Approved: October 9, 2017

A Johnson