Full-Time General Employee Benefit Package

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Full-Time General EmployeeBenefit Package

as of July 1, 2014 (subject to change) 

Health Insurance*:BCBS - Per Month
 Tier plan for employee$25.20 
 Employee +1$122.42 
 *Effective first day of employment.
Dental:Delta Dental – Per Month
 Employee  $1.54 
 Employee +1$35.98 
Life Insurance:$40,000.00 policy
Pension:LAGERS – Defined Benefit (city contributed at Lager’s yearly rate)
Investments:Deferred Comp thru ING, and ICMA. Roth IRA is also available thru ICMA.
Holidays:10 Paid Holidays
Vacation:6 months - 5 years (6.6 hours a month)
 5-10 years (10 hours a month)
 10 or more years (13.2 hours a month)
Personal Days:1-9 years of service – 2 days
 10 years of service – 5 days
 15 years of service – 6 days
 20 years of service – 7 days
Sick Time:Earn 8 hours a month. Can accumulate up to 1,200 hours (150 days)
Education:After 1 year of service, reimbursement up to $2,500
Disability:Optional for employee through AFLAC
Miscellaneous:Free employee use of all Ballwin recreational facilities
Uniforms:Uniforms or clothing allowances are currently provided for positions of Dispatcher, Park and Golf Maintenance, and Public Works Maintenance.


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