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Police News

Police News


Weekly Round Up!

- There was a report of a rental vehicle that was never returned to Hertz. The vehicle was entered as stolen and recovered by Atlanta, Georgia PD.

- Officers responded to the lot of Marshalls where a vehicle's window was smashed out and a wallet was taken from inside the car. Additionally, Officers responded to a similar incident in the lot of Triple H Plaza where a window was broke and a purse was stolen from a vehicle Currently, the investigation is ongoing.

- Officers responded to a report of an explosion on Ries Road. It was determined somebody was attempting to conduct a controlled burn when they decided to light a cigarette with a gas can nearby, causing the boom. After about 3 seconds of investigation, it was determined the burn wasn't very controlled. Luckily, no injuries had occurred.

and finally,

We have received two separate reports throughout the week of intoxicated individuals asleep on city sidewalks. While Ballwin Public Works crews are extremely talented, we do not believe they are able to make concrete comfortable. We had an officer recreate this situation to confirm our suspicions. Turns out it was not easy to fall asleep on a sidewalk...while completely sober. A picture of the scene recreation has been attached.

Hope everyone has a great week! As always, if you need us, we will be here.


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