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Ballwin Public Works provides top quality services to our residents.

We Provide:

Curbside Leaf Collection
Snow Removal
Street Maintenance/Pot Hole Repair
Mosquito Control
Site Inspections
Tree Removal and Trimming Services

We do not Handle

Utility work (gas, electric, or other) 
Electric Power Outages- please contact Ameren Missouri
Street Light Outages- please contact Inspections
Natural Gas Issues-please contact Laclede Gas
Trash Services-please contact Republic Services
Sewer issues contact MSD
Information on Storm Water Matters
Phase II Storm Water Permit 

Our Mission

The Public Works Department mission is to maintain the city’s infrastructure in order to provide for the safe travel of all motorists and pedestrians.  This requires routine maintenance of streets including snow and ice control, sidewalks, signage, traffic signals, and city’s fleet.  Fall leaves are collected at the curb to provide for a more efficient storm drainage system.

Gary R. Kramer, P.E. - City Engineer/Public Works Director
Jim Link - Superintendent of Streets

The maintenance work hours for the Public Works Department are 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. 

Still have questions? Contact the Public Works Department at 636-227-9000 or at 200 Park Drive in Vlasis Park.

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