Street & Bridge Projects

Henry Avenue Resurfacing - Construction in 2017

The City awarded the construction contract for Henry Avenue to Krupp Construction of Ellisville, MO. This project is located between Clayton Road and south to the city limits. The work consists of resurfacing of the Henry Avenue asphalt pavement, replacement of deteriorated curb and gutters, addition of curb and gutter where none exists, upgrade curb ramps and sidewalks to current ADA standards, and completion of the sidewalk at one location. Construction is scheduled to be completed by late November 2017.

Ries Bridge and Ramsey Lane Bridges - Construction in 2018

The City of Ballwin is planning to replace the Ries Road Bridge and the Ramsey Lane Bridge, both at Fishpot Creek in 2018.  The two bridges will be constructed consecutively to avoid both streets being closed at the creek at the same time. The work consists of removing the existing bridge and constructing a new bridge with sidewalks on both sides.

ADA Sidewalk Transition Plan

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law requires public entities to develop a formal transition plan identifying the steps necessary to meet ADA accessibility requirements for all pedestrian access routes by upgrading all noncompiliant features.  The Street Transition Plan (PDF below) is attached that was adopted by the Board of Aldermen on February 27, 2017.

The Plan includes when, how, and where curb ramps and sidewalks will be updated to current ADA standards.  All curb ramps will be upgraded when a street is overlaid, resurfaced, microsurfaced, or reconstructed.  All new sidewalks will be constructed in accordance with the ADA regulations.  Uneven sidewalks are to be eliminated in a timely manner.

ADA Sidewalk Transition Plan

Ballwin Public Works Department