Planning and Zoning Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Held at the Donald “Red” Loehr Police and Court Center
300 Park Drive
FEBRUARY 3, 2014 • 7:00 P.M.

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AGENDA / Briefs

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Minutes

3. SUE 13-11 (Motor Vehicle Rental and Outdoor Storage of Motor Vehicles)
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Auto Rental, 15471 Manchester Rd, Ballwin MO
Petitioner: Mr. Timothy Hof, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 10144 Page Ave, St Louis MO 63132

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is proposing to move its motor vehicle rental business from 15479 Manchester Rd. next door to 15475 Manchester Rd. Ballwin’s records indicate that this is the address of the Aamco building in the rear of this site and that the address of the building they propose to occupy is 15471. The hearing was advertised for 15475 per the petition form but the actual address of the building they will be occupying needs to be resolved at the hearing. This is at the northeast corner of Manchester Rd. and Mimosa Ln. across Mimosa from the Ballwin Post Office. This is a stand-alone business, on a site shared by three commercial buildings. Although presently vacant, this building was most recently occupied by Verizon Wireless in the retail portion and an auto detailing business in the vehicle bays at the rear of the building. Enterprise Rent-A-Car will occupy the entire building.

4. Adjournment

Meeting Minutes

February 3, 2014

The meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission was called to order by Chairman Michael Wind at 7:03 p.m. Members in attendance were:

PRESENT                                                               ABSENT
Chairman Michael Wind                              Commissioner Lisa Zimmerman
Secretary Frank Karr                                  Alderman Michael Boland
Commissioner Lynn Goetz
Commissioner John Schwent
Commissioner Mike Utt
Commissioner Mark Weaver
Commissioner Chris Wright
Mayor Tim Pogue

Assistant City Administrator/City Planner Thomas Aiken
City Attorney Robert E. Jones

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Secretary Karr and seconded by Chairman Wind to approve the minutes of the December 2, 2013 meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission as submitted. The motion received unanimous approval from the Commission members present. Chairman Wind abstained.

SUE 13-11 (Motor Vehicle Rental and Outdoor Storage of Motor Vehicles)
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Auto Rental, 15471 Manchester Rd, Ballwin MO
Petitioner: Mr. Timothy Hof, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 10144 Page Ave, St Louis MO 63132

Mr. Hof, operations manager for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, addressed the Commission, requesting approval for the special use exception. Mr. Hof proposes to relocate his business from 15479 Manchester Road to 15471 Manchester Road, which is also owned by his current landlord. The exterior will be painted and signage will be added. The interior will undergo remodeling.

Commissioner Weaver stated that he does the lock work for the petitioner, and that he will abstain from voting on this petition.

Chairman Wind asked Mr. Hof if he has considered the landscaping. Mr. Hof said he is willing to provide landscaping, but would like to discuss it with the property owner before committing to a landscape plan. Chairman Wind said that he would prefer not to make a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen without a landscaping plan. Mr. Hof said he would rather not delay the petition. Chairman Wind said that it is the responsibility of the Planning & Zoning Commission to review such items and then make a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen.

Mayor Pogue raised the issue of the address, and which is the correct address. City Planner Aiken said that address on the petition application (15475 Manchester Rd) is what was advertised, and is actually the building behind the proposed new location, which is 15471 Manchester Rd.

Mayor Pogue said he would like to hold this petition over due to the confusion with the addresses. Mr. Hof said that according to the St. Louis County website, all the buildings have the address of 15475 Man-chester Rd. City Planner Aiken said that there can be more than one address on a parcel. The previous special use exception for Verizon used 15471 as the address for the building that Enterprise Rent-A-Car is proposing to occupy. Mr. Hof said that his lease states the address as 15475 Manchester Rd. Chairman Wind asked if this needs to be clarified from a legal announcement standpoint. City Attorney Jones said he sees two separate taxing parcels, one under each address. The same locator number is used for both addresses.

Chairman Wind asked about parking. There are 13 parking spots. Where will rental cars be parked so that the 13 spaces are available to the public? Mr. Hof said there is parking behind the building for the rental cars. This is part of their lease. City Attorney Jones said that the landlord will have to provide a letter stating such.

Mayor Pogue asked if any consideration has been given to eliminating the easternmost curb cut. Mr. Hof said that it has not come up and cannot speak for the owner, but he would like to keep that curb cut.

Chairman Wind asked if the petitioner is proposing to change any lighting. Mr. Hof said they will keep the existing wall lights. They do not plan to add any lighting.

Chairman Wind said the he still has concerns about the landscaping plan. The Planning & Zoning Com-mission has a responsibility to make a complete recommendation to the Board of Aldermen, and not leave things for the Board to review. Mr. Hof said that he didn’t know that the landscaping would be a deciding factor until he received the petition review report. City Planner Aiken said when he met with Mr. Hof during the petition review process, Mr. Hof was provided with a copy of the regulations, wherein it is clearly stated that a landscaping plan is to be provided with the petition.

Chairman Wind declared the public hearing open, and asked if anyone wished to speak in opposition to Petition SUE 13-11. No one came forward. Chairman Wind asked if anyone wished to speak in favor of the petition. No one came forward. Chairman Wind declared that the public hearing would remain open.

Mayor Pogue asked Mr. Hof if he contacted Mr. Aiken for clarification regarding the landscaping issue after receiving the petition review report. Mr. Hof said he did not. Mayor Pogue then made a motion to hold over Petition SUE 13-11 to the March 3, 2014 meeting to give the petitioner an opportunity to pro-vide the Commission with a landscaping plan and an agreement from the property owner regarding use of the rear lot. Chairman Wind seconded the motion, which received unanimous approval from the Commis-sion members present. Commissioner Weaver abstained.

Other Business

Chairman Wind asked if there are other agenda items on the March agenda. Mr. Aiken said there is a petition for a monopine cell tower, and a subdivision petition for Westglen Ct.


A motion was made by Commissioner Utt seconded by Mayor Pogue to adjourn the meeting. The motion received unanimous approval, and the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Michael Wind, Chairman
Planning & Zoning Commission