Planning and Zoning Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes


January 3, 2005

The meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission was called to order by Chairman Michael Boland at 7:00 p.m.  Members in attendance were:

PRESENT                                                         ABSENT 
Chairman Michael Boland                  Commissioner Ed Montgomery 
Commissioner Terry Byatt                  Commissioner Ron Kadane 
Commissioner Phyllis Erwin             Commissioner Sue Heath 
Commissioner Frank Karr 
Commissioner Jeff Medler 
Commissioner Tim Reisel 
Alderman Charles Gatton 
Mayor Robert E. Jones 
Assistant City Administrator Tom Aiken 
City Engineer Gary Kramer 
City Attorney Lou Lucchesi

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Commissioner Reisel and seconded by Mayor Jones to approve the minutes of the November 1, 2004 meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission.  The motion received unanimous approval from the members present.

Z04-5(2)—Zoning District Change(2nd Review)—352 Ries Bend Road, Ballwin MO  63021—Majestic Development Company LLC, 4330 Portland Lake Dr, St. Louis MO  63034—Mr. Jeff Thomas

SUB 04-7(2)—Dickens Trace Subdivision (2nd Plan)—352 Ries Bend Road, Ballwin MO  63021—Majestic Development Company LLC, 4330 Portland Lake Dr, St. Louis MO  63034—Mr. Jeff Thomas

Chairman Boland stated that due to procedural issues, the Commission would be unable to consider either of the petitions before it.  He stated that Bill #3326 (regarding the proposed zoning change) was read once at the November 22, 2004 meeting of the Board of Alderman, but was not read a second time, which led to the Bill being tabled.

City Attorney Lucchesi stated that as the Bill is still pending before the Board of Aldermen, and a resolution must be reached by the Board before the Planning & Zoning Commission can reconsider a zoning change.  He stated that the petitioner must request the Board of Aldermen take action on the Bill or that it be removed from consideration.

Chairman Boland asked City Attorney Lucchesi if the public hearing should be opened.  Mr. Lucchesi stated that in similar circumstances, the public hearing had been opened to allow comments from those who would be unable to attend the next meeting.  However, because of pending action by the Board of Aldermen, another public hearing may be required.  Mayor Jones added that without a change in zoning from R-1 to R-3, the Planning & Zoning Commission cannot approve the subdivision plan that is being proposed.  

Chairman Boland then stated that the minutes of the November 22, 2004 meeting of the Board of Aldermen reflect that Bill #3326 was tabled, and that the Bill needs to be acted upon, or the petition must be withdrawn at the January 10, 2005 Board of Aldermen meeting.  He stated that the public hearing would be continued to the next Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, which will be held on February 7, 2005.  Chairman Boland stated that individuals who would be unable to attend the February 7, 2005 meeting could submit their comments in writing so that it would be made part of the official record.


A motion was made by Commissioner Medler and seconded by Commissioner Erwin to adjourn the meeting.  The motion received unanimous approval.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

            Michael Boland, Chairman

            Zoning Commission