Planning and Zoning Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting

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Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes




August 4, 2003

The meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission was called to order by Chairman Michael Boland at 7:05 p.m.  Members in attendance were:

PRESENT                                                              ABSENT 
Michael Boland, Chairman                                Dave Eichenauer 
Phyllis Erwin                                                        Alderman Kay Easter 
Ron Kadane                                                        Mayor Robert E. Jones 
Russ Mandziara 
Ed Montgomery 
Tim Reisel 
Brad Underwood 
Assistant City Administrator Tom Aiken 
City Attorney Lou Lucchesi


Mr. Ed Montgomery, 217 Ries Road (Ward 1), was sworn in by Assistant City Administrator Thomas Aiken.  Mr. Montgomery replaces Mr. Frank Rogers, who retired when his term expired on May 13, 2003.


A motion was made by Commissioner Reisel and seconded by Commissioner Kadane to approve the Minutes of the June 2, 2003 meeting.  The motion received unanimous approval by the members present.

SUE03-8 – Special Use Exception – Site Development Plan Amendment – Dick Dean Economy Cars – 15121 Manchester Road – Mr. Patrick Dean

Chairman Boland declared the public hearing opened.  Mr. John Yaakub of CRM Engineering represented Dick Dean Economy Cars.  Mr. Yaakub stated that inventory cars are stored on approximately three quarters of an acre behind the Dick Dean Automotive Group car lot.  He stated that Mr. Dean had placed gravel on that area to prevent the cars stored there from getting muddy and dirty; however, since gravel lots are not in compliance with City code, he is requesting a Site Development Plan Amendment in order to pave the area, basically constructing a parking lot.  No other changes to the Site Development Plan are proposed.

Mr. Yaakub stated that the paving would consist of six inches of granular material under four inches of asphalt, feathering the asphalt into existing asphalt.  A portion of the area will be landscaped on the north side, which borders Village Park of Ballwin apartments.  The existing established landscaped area along Steamboat will not be disturbed.  Stormwater will be collected on the site and piped to a conduit along Manchester Road.

Commissioner Erwin asked if this inventory lot will relieve the problem of cars being parked on the sidewalk along Steamboat.  Mr. Yaakub stated that the new paved area will accommodate more cars.

City Planner Tom Aiken stated that a condition of approval of the original Special Use Exception granted to Mr. Dean was that curbing or parking chucks would be placed behind the sidewalk adjacent to the parking lot to prevent cars from being driven over the sidewalk.  This requirement has not been met.  Mr. Aiken also remarked that transport trucks unloaded vehicles onto the sidewalk area in the past. This may explain why the sidewalk is in poor condition.

Chairman Boland stated that Alderman Suozzi had also mentioned that people have to walk around cars that are sticking out onto the sidewalk.  Commissioner Underwood suggested contacting the police department to issue a citation if cars are parked on the sidewalk.

Chairman Boland asked if there were any proponents to speak in favor of petition SUE03-8. 

      There were none.

Chairman Boland asked if there were any opponents to speak against petition SUE03-8.

Mr. Pat O’Driscoll, 449 Ivywood Drive, had a expressed a concern that stormwater would be diverted to Manchester Road.  Mr. Yaakub stated that there will be a detention basin, and metered outfall will be directed into the storm sewer system.

There were no other opponents.

Chairman Boland then declared the public hearing closed.

Commissioner Montgomery stated that the pedestrian access ramp on Manchester Road across from Old Ballwin Road is not wide enough to meet ADA requirements.  Mr. Aiken stated that the problem occurred when the gas station next to the Dean Automotive Group was converted to a used car facility approximately two years ago.  He stated that it is in MoDot’s right-of-way, so they would have to authorize any changes. Commissioner Montgomery asked that Mr. Yaakub bring this information to the attention of Mr. Dean so that it may be corrected.

Commissioner Erwin made a motion to recommend that the Board of Aldermen approve petition SUE03-8, provided that Mr. Dean abide by all provisions of the previous SUE, and construct the parking lot as required along Steamboat to prevent storage or parking of vehicles on the sidewalk.  Commissioner Reisel seconded the motion.  The motion received unanimous approval from the Commission members present.


A motion was made by Commissioner Mandziara and seconded by Commissioner Kadane to adjourn the meeting.  The motion received unanimous approval.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Michael Boland, Chairman
Zoning Commission