Planning and Zoning Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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Planning & Zoning Meeting

Meeting Agenda


Held at the Donald “red” loehr police and court center  


NOVEMBER 7, 2016  •  7:00 P.M. 

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AGENDA / briefs

   1.   Call to Order 

   2.   Approval of Minutes 

   3.   Z 16-05 – Rezoning from R-3 to PSD

         Including Preliminary Site Development Plan Approval

            Ruppel Farms Subdivision, 870 Reinke Rd, Ballwin MO 63021

            Petitioner:  Mr. William Biermann, 1795 Clarkson Rd Suite 190, Chesterfield MO  63017                             

McBride and Sons Homes is requesting a change in the zoning district classification from R-3 Single Family to PSD Planned Single Family Dwelling District for a 12 acre parcel of land at 870 Reinke Rd. This parcel is located between the Castle Pines, Westglen Village and Oakwood Farms Subdivisions with Reinke Woods Subdivision in Ellisville north of the parcel. The petitioner proposes to develop the property with a single family development. 

   4.   Other Business – Holiday Conflict in January 2017

   5.   Adjournment

Meeting Minutes



November 7, 2016

The meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission was called to order by Chairman Weaver at 7:01 p.m. Members in attendance were:

PRESENT                                              ABSENT
Chairman Mark Weaver              Commissioner Chad Silker
Secretary Lisa Zimmerman
Commissioner Tracy Bolte
Commissioner Lynn Goetz
Commissioner Frank Karr
Commissioner Mike Utt
Commissioner Vern Young
Alderman Ray Kerlagon
Mayor Tim Pogue

City Administrator Eric Hanson
Plan Reviewer Mike Roberts
City Engineer Gary Kramer
City Attorney Robert E. Jones

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Mayor Pogue and seconded by Alderman Kerlagon to approve the minutes of the October 3, 2016 meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission as submitted. The motion received unani-mous approval from the Commission members present.

Z 16-05 – Rezoning from R-3 to PSD
Including Preliminary Site Development Plan Approval
Ruppel Farms Subdivision, 870 Reinke Rd, Ballwin MO 63021
Petitioner: Mr. William Biermann, 1795 Clarkson Rd Suite 190, Chesterfield MO 63017

Ms. Jeannie Aumiller, employee-owner at McBride & Son Homes, addressed the Commission on behalf of the petitioner, requesting approval for the zoning change and preliminary site development plan. She spoke about McBride & Son Homes and some of their recent projects in Ballwin.

Ms. Aumiller described the proposed development and stated that it is consistent with the surrounding neighborhood and the city’s comprehensive plan, which recommends medium density development on this site. The petitioner is proposing 36 single-family detached lots, along with open space and preservation of the trees on the perimeter of the site. The average lot size will be approximately 8500 sq. ft., with a minimum buffer of 12’ between homes.

Ms. Aumiller stated that the developer had met with residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, and the biggest concerns to come out of those meetings were traffic volume and the intersection of Westrun Dr. and Reinke Rd. Stormwater runoff was an issue that was raised, but Ms. Aumiller said that McBride & Son Homes is held to high standards of stormwater design by MSD and the City of Ballwin, and will only im-prove the situation.

Ms. Aumiller said that the feedback from the meeting indicated a desire for an alternative to the intersection. Ms. Aumiller introduced Jennifer Balsley, who is part of the land development department of McBride & Son Homes. The original intersection configuration called for Westrun Drive to be connected to Reinke Road to make a through street, and had a single stop sign approaching the intersection from the west.

The main concern raised by the neighbors was increased traffic through the neighborhood. They are concerned about speeding if Westrun is made a through street. McBride & Son Homes is proposing two alternatives to the original plan. The first is a single-lane roundabout, which will force vehicles to slow down, and the other is a three-way stop. All of the options are viable to maintain traffic flow at a service level “A”, so the petitioner is seeking direction from the Planning & Zoning Commission as to which is the preferred solution.

Mayor Pogue asked if McBride has discussed these options with the City of Ellisville, since part of Reinke Road is within their jurisdiction. Ms. Balsley said they have not approached Ellisville directly: however, McBride’s traffic engineer is also the traffic engineer for the City of Ellisville, so there is a point of contact.
Ms. Aumiller said that once McBride & Son Homes has feedback from the residents and the Planning & Zoning Commission, they will contact Ellisville, to include them in the decision process.

Ms. Aumiller described the types of homes that will be built in the proposed subdivision, and noted that each lot has a landscape plan and is fully sodded.

Commissioner Bolte spoke about line-of-sight views for making a left turn to stay on Reinke at Westrun. He feels the roundabout is a much better option than a three-way stop.

Commissioner Bolte asked why the cell tower on the site is not included in the common ground so the homeowner’s association can collect the revenue. Ms. Aumiller said that the current property owner required that she or a member of her family retain ownership of a lot with the cell tower and the resulting fees as a condition of the sale of the property.

Commissioner Bolte noted that the existing trees in the center of the property will be removed in order to grade the site. Is there any way to do the grading without losing those trees? Ms. Aumiller said the trees will have to be removed in order to grade the site, but unless there is a drainage issue, McBride can plant trees in that area. Ms. Aumiller said if there are other areas where trees are needed the petitioner will attempt to comply as much as possible. She feels that McBride does a good job with landscaping.

Commissioner Bolte asked if the petitioner has spoken with the Ballwin Park & Rec department about creating an easement on Lots 5, 6, and 7 for a walking trail from Westglen South subdivision to Reinke Road. Ms. Aumiller said she doesn’t see a problem with that as long as McBride can still build a house on the lot.

Commissioner Young referred to Ms. Aumiller’s presentation and noted that 52 homes could be built with 10,000 sq. ft. lots. Why is the proposed lot size smaller with fewer lots? Ms. Aumiller said that if 52 homes were built, there would not be any open space. The petitioner is providing more common ground and open space.

Alderman Kerlagon asked about the price point for the homes. Ms. Aumiller said they will average in the upper $400,000’s up to the $500,000’s.

Alderman Kerlagon noted that there are traffic and speeding issues everywhere, but the roundabout will help slow down traffic. Commissioner Young asked about the impact of the roundabout on emergency vehicles. Ms. Aumiller said the petitioner will verify the necessary turning radius as the project proceeds. Shawn White, Senior Traffic Engineer at CBB Traffic Engineers + Planners, said that there are roundabouts all over the metropolitan area. Once it’s determined whether the emergency vehicles need mountable curbs, those accommodations can be made.

Mayor Pogue asked City Engineer Kramer if he knows what the fire department’s minimum is for roundabouts? Mr. Kramer said West County EMS and Fire serves an area where there is a smaller roundabout than what is proposed, and they used a huge truck to test it. Mayor Pogue asked about the size of the proposed roundabout. Mike Boerding of Sterling Engineering said the outside radius is 45’.

Secretary Zimmerman asked if there are plans to build anything on the common ground with the proposed walking path. Ms. Aumiller said they can put benches there.

Chairman Weaver opened the public hearing for Petition Z 16-05, and asked if anyone wished to speak in opposition to the petition. The following came forward:

Diana Myers, 1237 Westrun Drive, has concerns related to the comprehensive plan. She said the plan calls for a conservation overlay rather than a cluster subdivision. She doesn’t feel the proposed development meets the sustainable land practices recommended in the comprehensive plan. She appreciated that the petitioner is keeping some mature trees, but feels it will not help her view. She is concerned about the volume and speed of traffic. She does not feel it will help emergency vehicles’ response times.

Erika Royal, 1118 Westrun Drive, is concerned about Westrun Drive being used as a cut-through. Has anyone considered the impact (of connecting to Reinke Road) on the homeowners on Westrun Drive?

Matt Bene, 1134 Westrun Drive, asked if it is a conflict of interest for McBride and the City of Ellisville to have the same traffic engineer. Ms. Aumiller said there is no conflict of interest as there are a limited number traffic engineers in the area and they work with developers and cities on projects. He suggested lowering the number of lots and making Westrun a cul-de-sac.

Floyd Daniel, 324 Marsten Court, is concerned about traffic backing up on Richland Meadows Dr.

Stalin Ramirez, 1238 Westrun Drive, is concerned about the increased traffic. Many kids play in the street.

Larry Fischer, 344 Alverston Court, is very concerned about the increase in traffic on Westrun – have traffic studies been done? He is also concerned about increased crime due to the subdivision being more accessible.

James Cleeve, 989 Oakwood Farms Lane, asked about the lot sizes and the discrepancy between the petitioner’s presentation and the petition review report. He questioned whether a moving truck could navi-gate a roundabout, and whether the roundabout will encroach on property to the northwest. He referenced a City document that states that stops signs should never be used to control traffic speed.

Ken Schowe, 221 Greiner Court, Ellisville, trustee for Reinke Woods subdivision, is not directly opposed to the development, but feels a roundabout will direct a lot of light into the houses at the intersection. He asked about the square footage of the homes that are proposed to be built. He has concerns about stormwater drainage.

Stephanie Lombard, 1210 Westrun Drive, said her family moved into their home because of the location (low traffic on a dead-end street), and likes the idea of Westrun Dr. ending in a cul-de-sac in the pro-posed subdivision.

Chairman Weaver asked if anyone wished to speak in favor of the petition. No one came forward, and Chairman Weaver closed the public hearing.

Chairman Weaver invited Ms. Aumiller to respond to the public comment. Ms. Aumiller deferred to Shawn White to answer the traffic questions. Ms. White said that it was discussed with city staff that Westrun Drive was built as a stub street with the intention that when this site was developed, that road would continue through to Reinke Road. She feels the advantage to providing this connection would be a redistribution of traffic; instead of two points of access, there will be three.

Ms. Aumiller addressed the zoning questions. The environmental impact will be lessened with the zoning change to PSD. In the R-3 district, the petitioner would be allowed to create up to 52 lots without common ground and open spaces; they are proposing only 36 lots with both common ground and open space. Environmental preservation is encouraged in the PSD district. Ms. Aumiller addressed the question about lot size, saying that the proposed lot sizes are comparable to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Ms. Aumiller addressed the traffic concerns. She said that the development could proceed without the connection of Westrun Drive to Reinke Road, but believes that it is good planning practice to provide connectivity. She said the petitioner has committed to a willingness to build the connection and the intersection in a manner that will slow traffic.

Alderman Kerlagon asked about construction traffic. Ms. Aumiller said the petitioner would only bring construction traffic through Reinke Road.

Commissioner Bolte asked how many lots the petitioner would end up with if they abided by the 8’ minimum side yard setback rather than the proposed 6’. Ms. Aumiller said the proposed “move-up” homes could not be built with an 8’ side yard setback. An entry-level home would fit within those parameters.

Mayor Pogue read City Ordinance Section 25-102(b) Relation to adjoining street system, which states, “The arrangement of streets in new subdivisions shall make provisions for the continuation of the existing streets in adjoining areas.” He said when St Louis County developed Westbrooke Woods subdivision, Westrun Drive was left as a stub street with the intention that when this site was developed, the connection would be made to Reinke Road. This is what is stated in the city ordinance. Audience members disagreed with this and felt the ordinance should be changed.

Secretary Zimmerman asked if there are raingardens on the proposed site. Ms. Aumiller said there are water quality features similar to raingardens with native plantings and layers of amended soil to clean the water before it leaves the site.

Mayor Pogue believes the roundabout is the better option, but he would like to see more information regarding the roundabout, including Metro West Fire’s stance on the design, before he makes a decision to move forward. He would like to see a continuation of the tree line on Lots 6 and 7 to fill in the gap. With the current information, he would vote no. Ms. Aumiller said they are looking for direction and don’t want to spend engineering dollars until they know the City’s preference. Mayor Pogue said he understands that and appreciates the proposed design, but unless he has more information about the roundabout, he cannot recommend moving forward. Ms. Aumiller asked if the Planning & Zoning Commission would be willing to recommend approval contingent on the petitioner obtaining the required information before the proposal comes before the Board of Aldermen for approval.

Commissioner Bolte said he has the same concerns as Mayor Pogue. The Planning & Zoning Commission didn’t have the plans with a roundabout to review. He is not comfortable recommending the petition for approval without knowing all the ramifications of the roundabout. Ms. Aumiller asked what specifically did the Commission want answered regarding the roundabout. Commissioner Bolte said he wanted a full page to review, showing a final design with all the details.

Mayor Pogue referred to some of the comments made by City Engineer Kramer in the petition review re-port, and asked if the elimination of the circle drive at 245 Reinke Road had been agreed to by the homeowner. Ms. Aumiller said that if the roundabout is built, the circle drive will remain. Mayor Pogue asked about an easement for access to the cell tower. Ms. Aumiller said the petitioner will provide the easement.

Ms. Aumiller requested that Petition Z 16-05 be tabled until the December 5, 2016 meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission to allow the petitioner to work on the issues of traffic calming on Westrun Drive, the roundabout specifications, and increased landscaping.

Chairman Weaver made a motion to table Petition Z 16-05 to the Board of Aldermen. Alderman Kerlagon seconded the motion. The motion received unanimous approval from the Commission members present.

An audience member requested that plans be made available on the City’s website for the public to review. Ms. Aumiller said the plans will be emailed to the city for posting. Mayor Pogue noted that the paper plans will be made available at the Ballwin Government Center for review.

Other Business

The regular meeting date for the January Planning & Zoning Commission meeting falls on a city holiday (New Year’s Day observed). The meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.


Chairman Weaver moved to adjourn the meeting. Secretary Zimmerman seconded the motion, which re-ceived unanimous approval from the commission members present. The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Mark Weaver, Chairman
Planning & Zoning Commission