Planning and Zoning Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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Planning & Zoning Meeting

Meeting Agenda

 March 6, 2017 

Planning and Zoning Meeting

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AGENDA / briefs

   1.   Call to Order

   2.   Approval of Minutes 

   3.   Z 17-01 – Final Site Plan Approval

            Ruppel Farms Subdivision, 870 Reinke Rd, Ballwin MO 63021

            Petitioner:  Mr. William Biermann, 1795 Clarkson Rd Suite 190, Chesterfield MO  63017                                   

McBride & Son Homes requested and was granted a change in the zoning district classification from R-3 Single Family to PSD Planned Single Family Dwelling District for a 12-acre parcel of land at 870 Reinke Rd. This parcel is located between the Castle Pines, Westglen Village, and Oakwood Farms Subdivisions with Reinke Woods Subdivision in Ellisville north of the parcel. The petitioner proposes to develop the property with a single family development. This Public Hearing is for the Final Site Plan Approval.

   4.   Adjournment

Meeting Minutes

The meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission was called to order by Chairman Weaver at 7:00 p.m.  Members in attendance were:                                                                                                                                     



Chairman Mark Weaver


Secretary Lisa Zimmerman


Commissioner Tracy Bolte


Commissioner Lynn Goetz


Commissioner Frank Karr


Commissioner Chad Silker


Commissioner Mike Utt


Commissioner Vern Young


Alderman Ray Kerlagon


Mayor Tim Pogue


Assistant City Administrator Andy Hixson


City Engineer Gary Kramer


City Attorney Robert E. Jones



Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Commissioner Karr and seconded by Alderman Kerlagon to approve the minutes of the December 5, 2016 meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission as submitted.  The motion received unanimous approval from the Commission members present. 

Z 17-01 – Final Site Development Plan

   Ruppel Farms Subdivision, 870 Reinke Rd, Ballwin MO 63021

   Petitioner:  Mr. William Biermann, 1795 Clarkson Rd Suite 190, Chesterfield MO  63017

Ms. Katherine Moore of McBride & Son Homes addressed the Commission, requesting approval for the final site plan for Ruppel Farms.  She described the proposed development and the roundabout for Reinke Road, as well as traffic calming measures that will be incorporated.

Mayor Pogue asked if the petitioner had met with Ellisville officials regarding the roundabout in the right-of-way, and if so, what was the outcome of the meeting?  Ms. Moore deferred to Jennifer Balsley, project manager, stating that Ms. Balsley had had those discussions.  Ms. Balsley said that she met with Ellisville and Ballwin staff in early February to discuss the roundabout.  Due to maintenance concerns with a landscaped roundabout, having a maintenance-free paved roundabout is being discussed.  Ms. Balsley said that the lines of communication are open and all parties involved are in agreement on the roundabout.  Ms. Balsley also stated that the petitioner is working with MSD regarding drainage.

Commissioner Bolte said that he wants the petitioner to ensure that stormwater runoff does not impact the neighboring subdivisions.  Ms. Balsley said that their detention basin would improve on drainage control.

Commissioner Bolte asked about a note in the petition review report regarding the Nottingham model in relation to the Comprehensive Plan.  The garage comprises more than 50% of the home’s frontage – is that something to be addressed at the Planning & Zoning Commission level?  City Attorney Jones said the Commission can include in their recommendation to the Board of Aldermen that any ordinance include the restriction that the model not be constructed, but that would be up to the Board.  However, the petitioner would not necessarily be bound by that, as it is more of an architectural concern.

Commissioner Goetz asked who will be responsible for snow removal at the roundabout, since it falls under both Ellisville and Ballwin’s jurisdictions.  Ms. Balsley said there will have to be a shared maintenance agreement, but it has not been conclusively decided.  Commissioner Goetz asked who is paying for the roundabout to be constructed.  Ms. Balsley said that McBride is paying for all improvements included with the roundabout, but it will not be the HOA’s responsibility to maintain.

Commissioner Young asked when the determination will be made as to which municipality will accept responsibility for maintenance of the roundabout.  Ms. Balsley said that is outside the petitioner’s purview.  Assistant City Administrator Hixson said Ballwin is currently in talks with Ellisville, but it will be taken care of.  Secretary Zimmerman confirmed that this is not an obstacle to approving the petition.  Mr. Hixson said that is correct; it is a nonissue.

Chairman Weaver opened the public hearing for Petition Z 17-01, and asked if anyone wished to speak in favor of the petition.  The following came forward:

Santosh Tokekar, 245 Reinke Rd, has concerns about the roundabout and access in and out of his driveway.

Erika Royal, 1118 Westrun Drive, is concerned about the change in the width of Westrun Dr at the transition from the proposed development.  She feels that drivers will speed up coming out of the proposed development.   She would like the Board of Aldermen to consider traffic calming devices.  She feels that when a traffic light is installed at Reinke Rd and Manchester Rd, the traffic will increase significantly.  Mayor Pogue said that MoDOT has repeatedly turned down requests for a traffic light at Manchester and Reinke Roads.

Chairman Weaver reminded the audience that this portion of the public hearing was for those who wished to speak in favor of the proposal.

Ken Schowe, 221 Greiner Court, Ellisville, trustee for Reinke Woods subdivision, has concerns about drivers speeding through the roundabout and possibly damaging the property that back up to the roundabout. A guardrail could mitigate the issue.  Another concern was access to Reinke Road from Palm Bay Dr.  There is a blind hill and the through traffic on Reinke Road comes very fast.  He asked if a four-way stop could be placed at that intersection. 

Chairman Weaver asked if anyone wished to speak in opposition to the petition. 

Diana Myers, 1237 Westrun Drive, asked about the connection point to Westrun Drive and whether the petitioner has plans that will show what that will look like.  She is concerned that drivers will accelerate as they come out of the proposed development.  She feels the traffic study underestimated the amount of traffic that will be using Westrun Drive.

Adele Serocke, 998 Columbard Drive, asked if there will be any improvement on Reinke Road approaching the roundabout.  Mayor Pogue said Ballwin staff is in discussions with Ellisville on developing a plan to rework the area permanently.

Stephanie Lombard, 1210 Westrun Drive, is concerned about the traffic on Westrun Drive.  She would like to see proactive speed control.  Chairman Weaver said that the police department will monitor this.

Stalin Ramirez, 1238 Westrun Drive, is concerned about the increased traffic.   He would like to see a plan for traffic calming.  Many kids play in the street.

Chairman Weaver asked the petitioner if there is a plan available for the public can view.  City Attorney Jones said it is shown on the site grading plan, which is available online and at the Government Center.

Scott Myers, 1237 Westrun Drive, asked if there is any plan in place to mitigate the amount of traffic if the traffic count is larger than expected.  Mayor Pogue said that the City will monitor traffic counts, and take action if it is necessary.

No one else came forward, and Chairman Weaver closed the public hearing.

Alderman Kerlagon commented that he will vote no on the petition.  He said speeding is an issue; people speed toward the dead end now.  As an alderman in Ward 4, he has a responsibility to represent his constituents, who are against the connection to Westrun Drive. 

Chairman Weaver made a motion to recommend approval of Petition Z 17-01 to the Board of Aldermen.  Commissioner Utt seconded the motion.  A voice vote was taken, with Alderman Kerlagon being the only dissenting vote. The motion passed 9-1.

Other Business

There will be no meeting in April due to a lack of agenda items. 

Chairman Weaver asked about progress on Texas Roadhouse.  Assistant City Administrator Hixson said that the old Senor Pique has been torn down, and building will proceed as soon as possible. 

Commissioner Young asked about the subdivision on Ries Road.  Assistant City Administrator Hixson said that they have begun applying for building permits.


Mayor Pogue moved to adjourn the meeting.  Commissioner Young seconded the motion, which received unanimous approval from the commission members present. The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Mark Weaver, Chairman
Planning & Zoning Commission