Street & Bridge Projects

2018 Public Works Projects

Each year, the Board of Aldermen holds a budget discussion to prioritize city projects and services. In October of 2017, a budget session was held to discuss how to best use projected revenues to benefit our residents in 2018. During the discussion, the Public Works Department presented recommendations on street repairs and projects.

After further discussion and direction from the Board, the following projects were approved in the 2018


The 2018 budget includes resurfacing Windcliffe (asphalt over concrete portion), Royal Oaks, Manorcrest, Ironwood, Sunstone, and Old Ballwin Road. Selected concrete pavement replacement has also been
budgeted on Windcliffe (concrete portion), Orkney, Fieldstone, Trailwood, Caprice Gardens, Oakwood Farms Phase 1 (dead end-Oakbriar Farm), Castle Pines-Phase 1, Old Ballwin Road (Curb & Gutter), Kehrs Mill Trail, Holloway Ridge Ct, Village Meadows, Wetherburn, and Fairway Lake.


In conjunction with street resurfacing, sidewalks and curb ramps will be upgraded to meet current ADA
standards. Work is expected to begin in March or April depending on weather.

The cities of Ballwin and Ellisville will share the cost in 2018 to reconstruct 650 feet of Reinke Road east of the new roundabout. This project will improve the roadway curves and sight distances.

Bridge Replacements

Updated 4.16.18

Two bridges over Fishpot Creek will be replaced in 2018. The first to be replaced is on Ries Road between Manchester Road and Ramsey Lane. The other bridge is on Ramsey Lane just south of Manchester Road.

The Federal Highway Administration will reimburse the City 80% of the cost for both bridges. At their April 9, 2018 meeting the Board of Aldermen awarded contracts to KCI Construction for the construction of both bridges.

The Ries Road Bridge is expected to be closed beginning in early May and reopen in late August.  Traffic will be detoured via Ramsey Lane, Sulphur Springs Road, and New Ballwin Road. Once this bridge is reopened to traffic, the Ramsey Lane Bridge will be closed.  The new Ries Bridge will consist of precast concrete arches with a sidewalk along both sides. Decorative wrought iron style fencing will be added for pedestrian safety. A concrete barrier will separate pedestrians and vehicles as they cross the bridge.

Ramsey Lane Bridge is expected to close in August and reopen in December 2018. Traffic will be detoured via Ries Road, Sulphur Springs Road, and New Ballwin Road.  The new bridge will consist of precast concrete girders.  Sidewalks, wrought iron style fencing, and concrete barriers are also included along both sides.

Project Updates

As of 4.13.18

The City of Ballwin has awarded a contract to M&H Concrete Contractors to remove and replace deficient curb and gutters, and concrete pavement, eliminate sidewalk tripping hazards, and upgrade curb ramps to current ADA regulations on several streets.  Below is a tentative schedule that will be updated periodically.

Old Ballwin Road (Curb & Gutters, Sidewalk Replacement) work in progress
Orkney Court (Slab and Sidewalk Replacement) work in progress
Fieldstone Drive (Slab and Sidewalk Replacement) work in progress
Trailwood Drive (Slab and Sidewalk Replacement) work in progress
Caprice Gardens Drive (Slab and Sidewalk Replacement) work in progress

Windcliffe Drive
(Slab and Sidewalk Replacement) tentative start date 4/18/18
Oakwood Farms Drive (Slab and Sidewalk Replacement) tentative start date TBD
Castle Pines Drive (Slab and Sidewalk Replacement) tentative start date TBD

A note from City Engineer Gary Kramer about the Old Ballwin Road construction: 

Parking will be restricted and access to your driveway may be affected.  Signs will be posted with no parking date and times. Additional instructions will be furnished as needed.

Pavement replacement is determined according to severity of deterioration. Some concrete pavement sections that are slightly spalled, cracked, etc. will not be replaced. We trust that the citizens will consider the fact that the pavement selected to be replaced has been chosen after careful consideration by this Department.

Unfortunately, the complexity of the construction combined with the unpredictable weather in the St. Louis region will dictate the length of time needed to complete the work. The contractor’s work force concentrates its effort in one or more locations at a time. Consequently, there may be times when there will be no work in a specific area as a result of normal construction phasing. The work will involve extensive removal and replacement of concrete pavement sections. You should expect delays. However, please understand that we cannot continually move trucks during the work or the overall progress suffers resulting in even more inconvenience.

If you have lawn sprinklers, electronic pet fences or any other items, not readily visible that are located near the street or sidewalk, please email me at or call me at 636-227-2185.  You need to mark their locations with a stake and flag prior to work being performed on your street.  Failure to do so may result in damage as a result of the construction work.

As work progresses, excess material will be removed from the site by the contractor. However, it will be necessary to store some material (rock, forms, etc.) and equipment at the jobsite. These items will be removed after completion of the project. The contractor will backfill and place grass seed for all disturbed areas. It is recommended that these areas be kept wet by daily watering for a minimum of four weeks. Because of the large number of locations being backfilled, it will not be possible for us to replace seeded areas that the property owner has not maintained.

Missouri American Water will also begin installing a new water main on Old Ballwin Road between Parker and Nancy. This project will begin the same time as the road construction and is expected to be completed by the end of May.

Beginning Monday, April 9 the City's contractors will leave Old Ballwin Road and return when the new water main work is complete.

Please email or call me if you have questions or concerns.  If there is an emergency outside of normal working hours, you may contact the Ballwin Police Dispatcher at 636-527-9200.

We appreciate your patience and heightened defensive driving effort during the project. Please remember, construction areas can be dangerous. If you have children, remind them to stay away from the work areas at all times.

Gary R. Kramer, P.E.
City Engineer/Director Public Works Department

ADA Sidewalk Transition Plan

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law requires public entities to develop a formal transition plan identifying the steps necessary to meet ADA accessibility requirements for all pedestrian access routes by upgrading all noncompiliant features.  The Street Transition Plan (PDF below) is attached that was adopted by the Board of Aldermen on February 27, 2017.

The Plan includes when, how, and where curb ramps and sidewalks will be updated to current ADA standards.  All curb ramps will be upgraded when a street is overlaid, resurfaced, microsurfaced, or reconstructed.  All new sidewalks will be constructed in accordance with the ADA regulations.  Uneven sidewalks are to be eliminated in a timely manner.

ADA Sidewalk Transition Plan

Ballwin Public Works Department