Leaf Pickup

Ballwin Public Works Department will continue its free residential curbside leaf collection program again this fall. Residents should put leaves on the edge of their yard, not in the street.

The last day to rake your leaves to the curb is Sunday, December 30. 

Leaves raked after can be put in appropriate yard waste bags or containers for pickup on yard waste collection days by the City’s contracted waste hauler.

Unlike trash collection, we cannot guarantee which day of the week your leaves will be collected. Crews will be collecting leaves Monday through Friday, on city streets both north and south of Manchester Road. Crews will begin each day where they ended the day before. Once leaves have been collected on all streets they will begin another pick up cycle. There will be NO pick up on Thanksgiving day or the Friday following the holiday or Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Please remember: we cannot guarantee your leaves will be picked up each week. Depending on the rate leaves are falling, it can take us up to 2-3 weeks to make a complete pass through the entire City of Ballwin.

Due to weather conditions and shear volume your leaves may NOT be collected each week or the same day of the week. This service may be curtailed due to adverse winter weather conditions.

Collection Schedule

The Master Street List has been updated to reflect Ballwin's four wards. One crew will be assigned to each ward. To navigate to the various ward lists, please click on the appropriate tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. If you do not know what ward your street is in you can use our online ward and street look up. Simply type in your street name to find your ward.

Master Street List By Ward

Thank you for your continued patience as we continue leaf pickup. Collection will continue as weather permits. The final date for raking leaves to the curb has not been set, but this page will be updated when it is. 

Update from 12.18.18

This has been a heavy collection year, and we know some of our residents have been waiting awhile for leaf crews to return to their neighborhood. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause our residents, but we’re doing everything we can to work through the leaf piles.

We’ve spoken with MSD, and there is no concern about clogged sewers at this point related to Ballwin Curbside Leaf Collection. However, they would like to remind residents not to rake leaves directly into the sewers. Leaves are a normal part of clean up this time of year, and they haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary other than the fact that leaves are falling later than usual.

A really important point to consider for our program is that residents are not to rake their leaves into the streets but instead are to leave them on the edge of their yard. Leaves in the streets can cause a number of issues, and we rely on our residents to do their part.

We should emphasize, this is not designed to be a weekly pickup service, but it has been a heavy and very wet fall which slows things down considerably. And this year we were hit with a few early winter weather events which requires us to stop leaf collection and switch all of our equipment over to handle the snow. Many people don’t realize we use the same trucks and equipment for everything, so it’s not just a matter of turning on the snow plow. It takes a while to take all the leaf equipment off and put all the snow equipment on and vice versa. Utilizing the same trucks saves Ballwin tax payers a significant amount of money from having to purchase more equipment.

It should also be said, Ballwin is getting older. Every year the trees in this city become more mature, with larger and more leaves, so it’s not the same process it was 20 or 30 years ago.

All in all, we know some of our residents are frustrated. And Ballwin takes that seriously. We’re truly doing everything we can to speed up progress. Overtime has been approved for Saturdays in the month of December, which will continue. Extra help from the parks department employees has been solicited, and every person in the public works department who can be on the streets collecting leaves including our fleet mechanics, sign specialist, and tree trimming crews is doing just that. We hear our residents’ concerns, and we’re working diligently to get through the city.

The last day to rake leaves to the curb is Sunday, December 30. Crews will begin collecting first thing Monday morning and once they pass your home at that point, they won’t be back until next fall. So we’re encouraging our residents to complete their raking in the next two weeks. This is all, of course weather permitting. If snow or adverse winter weather moves into the area, we may suspend the program at any time.


Important Reminders

Please do not park on top of or in front of leaf piles. Leaves that are not accessible cannot be collected until the next cycle through the City. Crews cannot return to missed piles.

To minimize leaves washing into the sewers or becoming saturated during rainfall do not put them in the gutter. Residents can put leaves in the center island of their cul de sacs, our crews will collect these leaves. 

As a reminder, this service is only provided to customers of the City’s contracted waste hauler. Properties that have a separate contract are excluded from the City’s curbside leaf collection. Residents are also reminded leaves will be picked up by the trash hauler as part of their yard waste collection provided they are put in yard waste bags or separate containers. So if our timeline for pickup doesn't match your needs, there are other disposal options available to you.

For the safety of the workers and the equipment, sticks, plants, root balls, metal objects, bricks, logs, animal waste must be kept out of the leaf pile. Piles of leaves with such debris will NOT be collected to avoid injuries and equipment damage which will cause delays. Please do not block fire hydrants, storm drains, or mailboxes with your leaf pile.

To see just how powerful our leaf vacuums are, watch the video below produced by the City of Ballwin. 

Leaf Collection Policy

The Public Works Department collects leaves along and adjacent to City/County/State public streets.  This service is provided exclusively for single detached family properties.  With that in mind, leaves will NOT be collected from any single family attached properties or multi-family units such as condominiums, apartments, or villas.  As of the date of adoption of this policy leaves will not be collected from the following complexes: 

  • Seven Trails Apartments
  • Burtonwood Condos
  • Kensington Apartments
  • Solon Apartments
  • Madison Rockwood Apartments
  • Kehrs Mill Crossing Condos
  • The Villas at Meadowbrook (only at the attached homes, but collected at the 4 single family detached homes)
  • Ballwin Village Apartments
  • Coachlight Condos (except at single family detached homes)
  • Quail Village and Fox Village Condos
  • Mansion Hill Apartments
  • Woodside Trails Condos
  • Spring Cove Condos
  • Clayton Corners Villas
  • Claytonbrook Condos
  • Holloway Ridge Condos
  • Aspen Ridge Condos

In addition, leaves will NOT be collected along private streets within any multi-family complexes or any commercial, school, institutions, or non-City governmental properties.  As of the date of adoption of this policy leaves will not be collected from the following private streets:

  • All streets within Seven Trails Apartments
  • All streets within Madison Rockwood Apartments
  • Claytonbrook Drive
  • Ballwin Manor Drive
  • Clubhouse Drive
  • Pebble Lake Drive
  • Irongate Walk
  • Wendevy Court
  • Lilybud Court
  • Sweetcreek Drive
  • Quail Terrace Court
  • Quail View Drive

Due to the volume, weather conditions, manpower, and equipment down time, leaves may not be collected weekly.  The City reserves the right to prematurely suspend and/or cease the leaf collection program due to winter storms.  Leaf piles with items that may cause damage to equipment or injury such as sticks, metal objects, root balls will not be collected, but will be logged.