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Jul 16, 2018

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up!-Officers responded to the parking lot of a local retail store to investigate a report of a suspicious vehicle. After making contact with the vehicle, it was discovered that the passenger was suffering a medical emergency. As officers were helping the passenger, the driver took off on foot. After capturing the fleeing suspect and rendering appropriate medical aid, a search of the vehicle was conducted. That search yielded numerous items consistent with counterfeiting and identity theft. The above information has been forwarded to the appropriate federal agency. -An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle and requested the driver’s identification. The subject accommodated the officers request without incident. While the officer was completing a record check on the driver, he observed the driver exit the vehicle and approach him with an embarrassed look on his face. The driver informed the officer that he should probably just arrest him on the spot, as he provided him with his fake ID by accident. The officer laughed, seized the ID, and let the young driver off with a warning due to his honesty. In this profession we refer to these lapses in judgement as "job security." -An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle when a records check revealed the displayed plates were issued to another car. The investigation led to the discovery of active felony warrants, narcotics, stolen merchandise, drug paraphernalia, and a box of over 30 wrist watches without proof of purchase. A time consuming inter-agency bulletin was completed in an attempt to identify the owners of the watches. Later court dates will determine if the suspect gets hard time.and finally,-Consider this the confirmation you have been so desperately seeking on a current hot button issue in the City of Ballwin. You may be asking, is this about...?The relocation of the Ballwin Bear? NO.The solution to the constant traffic on Manchester Road? OF COURSE NOT.City mandated mid-afternoon nap time? NEGATIVE While we will continue to pursue solutions to those above mentioned dilemmas, this week will be the release of the much requested lip sync video. Stay tuned.As always, if you need us, we will be there.-BPD
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Jul 14, 2018

Coffee and Community Conversation

Today, the second series of Coffee and Community Conversation with Ballwin Police Chief Kevin Scott took place. Chief Scott was joined by Saint Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, Ballwin Prosecutor Chris Graville, and a capacity crowd The Wolf in Ballwin. One of the main topics from today was the importance of relationships and the roles prosecutors play in the criminal justice system. If you were unable to obtain, the Cliff-note sentiment was that the police are responsible for conducting investigations and making arrests, while the prosecutor is responsible for filing charges and presenting the case. Both entities are needed to complete a criminal case from start to finish. A special thanks to the Saint Louis County Prosecutor's Office and The Wolf for making this event possible. Keep an eye on our social media outlets for upcoming Coffee and Community Conversations here in Ballwin! -BPD  
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Jul 13, 2018

Community Visit

Thank you to Chelle's Custom Wreaths for stopping by to visit with us yesterday. The wreath is awesome and will be on our walls for years to come!
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Jul 12, 2018

Ballwin Listed as Top 20 Safest City

Another big thank you to everyone for helping make Ballwin one of the Safest Cities in Missouri! These lists don't tell the whole story. They don't show how Ballwin comes together to watch out for all of their neighbors and how this community works to ensure that Ballwin is not only safe but one of the best places to live, work and play.  
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Jul 11, 2018

Ballwin Life Podcast

This week's episode of the Ballwin Life Podcast featured one of our own. Officer Burgoyne sat down and talked about the Weekly Round-Up. If you are not subscribed to the Ballwin Life Podcast you are missing out. Below is a link to the episode on Youtube if you aren't a podcaster.  
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Jul 10, 2018

New Police Car Look

We have a new look for our new patrol cars. The old design will still be around on some of our vehicles for a little while. If you are nostalgic, this is your heads up to get one last picture of the old look. Below is a timelapse of the making of the new car design. Thanks to ADgraphix and our Ballwin Mechanics for making this happen!  
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Jul 9, 2018

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up!-We have received a few inquiries about a heavy police presence in the area of Manchester and Maple, in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Ballwin officers attempted to stop a vehicle reported stolen out of Manchester, Missouri. After a short pursuit, occupants fled the vehicle, on foot, in that area. One suspect was arrested, after a pedestrian check was conducted, approximately a half hour after the incident. The investigation is continuing, in an attempt to identify a second suspect that was involved in the incident. Please contact the Manchester Missouri Police Department with any information. -Officers were able to reunite a parrot with its owner, after it was reported missing. We have no idea how, but a Good Samaritan was able to commandeer the parrot, and place him into a bird cage before contacting us. We were able to arrange a meeting between the owner and the Good Samaritan, as we have received no formal training in how to transport flying animals.- A few retired Ballwin classics, Sergeant Mark Lang #177 (pictured bottom left), and Officer Dave Hawkins #156 (pictured bottom right) stopped by to catch up with Officers over breakfast. Un-measurable amounts of wisdom, mustache growth strategies, and stories were exchanged, all which would require far too much editing to be repeated on here. Picture attached to prove active officers were the ones who picked up the tab this day.And finally,-Officers responded to a leaving the scene of an accident call, where a driver ran over a stop sign and fled. Officers were provided a description of the vehicle from a witness. While the officer on scene was inspecting the damage to the stop sign, he observed the described vehicle, driving past his investigation. The officer stopped the vehicle, resulting in the driver being arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and No Proof of Insurance. There is a notion that criminals often return to the scene of crimes of passion. We will look into the relationship the driver had with this specific stop sign.As always, if you need us, we will be there.-BPD
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Jul 8, 2018

Alive Day

***ALIVE DAY*** July 8th, 2016, exactly two years ago to this day, Officer Flamion was shot in the line of duty, during a traffic stop. We typically do not speak for everyone, but we are confident that all of the Ballwin community is absolutely thrilled that Officer Flamion is still with us, to celebrate his "Alive Day." We have attached a picture of Mike, sporting his retirement beard, which you can commonly see glistening in the sun, while enjoying the patio of his new house. We wish nothing but the best for our brother in blue. Happy Alive Day Officer Flamion! -BPD
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Jul 2, 2018

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up! - Two sports cars were reported stolen from a local car dealership. Surveillance video recorded two suspects enter the store and steal keys, allowing them to access cars after the business was closed. Detectives identified and arrested the suspects, after the vehicles were were located using the stolen cars' GPS systems and Vehicle Identification Numbers. No word if the dealership feels VINdicated. -An officer responded to a report of found drug paraphernalia. It appeared somebody had left drug paraphernalia in a sport bag, and disposed of it into a construction trashcan. Upon inspecting the sport bag, Officers observed the name of the suspect inscribed in the front pocket of the bag. The suspect was located and cited in regards. -An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on Manchester Road. With the help of the Ellisville Missouri Police Department's K-9, numerous narcotics were found inside the car. An occupant of the vehicle pleaded with Officers that a bag containing the narcotics was not theirs, and they had never seen it before. The dilemma was that the same occupant's personal diary, with their name engraved on it, was cuddling with the narcotics when the bag was opened. and finally, -Officers responded to a report of a stolen vehicle in progress. The vehicle was observed when the suspect drove past another Officer, who was on an unrelated traffic stop. A traffic stop was conducted on the stolen vehicle, and the driver was arrested in regards. The driver advised that a higher power had summoned them to steal the vehicle. We have attached a picture of our higher power that enabled us to summon them to face their crimes. As always, if you need us, we will be there. -BPD
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Jul 1, 2018

Lost Dog

UPDATE: Another happy ending, Facebook. He’s been reunited with his family. Thanks for your help!This pretty boy was found on Highview this afternoon. He’s keeping our dispatchers company for now. If you recognize him, give us a call at (636) 227-2941.
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Jun 30, 2018


We caught wind that today is Social Media Day.#SMDay has apparently been around for a few years and is a day to celebrate social media's impact on global communication. We just wanted to say thanks for being on the social media craze with us! Have a great Saturday and if you need us we'll be there!
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Jun 29, 2018

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! Take it easy out there this weekend and watch out for hotspots. If you need us we'll be there.  
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