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Sep 13, 2018

School Bus Stop Arm Violation UPDATE

This morning Officers of the Ballwin Police Department arrested Matthew S. McCloskey, 52 years old, for Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Driving While Suspended, and Violation of a School Bus Stop Sign. McCloskey lists his address as being in the City of St. Louis. This arrest was in relation to a video released yesterday showing a vehicle driving through a lawn to avoid a school bus stop arm. McCloskey admitted to driving the vehicle and stated that a mechanical failure caused the accident. McCloskey was released from custody on traffic summonses and this case will be forwarded to the Ballwin Municipal Prosecutor's Office. Attached is the mugshot of Matthew McCloskey. Thank you to everyone who sent in tips and helped our officers solve this quickly!
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Sep 7, 2018

Coffee with a Cop

Join us on October 3, 2018, from 7-8:30 am at 6 North Cafe, 14438 Clayton Road, Ballwin, MO. 63011, for National Coffee with a Cop Day! Coffee with a Cop was established around the idea that a cup of coffee is a common bond. There is no agenda or specific topics. Just informal conversations about what matters to you. Thank you 6 North Cafe for being our hosts! See you there!
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Sep 5, 2018

Dispatch Remodel

Recently, our dispatch center underwent a remodel. The room received many upgrades including new standing desks, screen placement, flooring, and individual ventilation. We want to thank our dispatchers for the wonderful work they do on a daily basis and also to all of the people who worked to complete this project.
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Sep 3, 2018

Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up! -At this time, we do not have any additional information to release regarding the numerous stealing from vehicles/vehicle thefts that have occurred in northern Ballwin. Detectives are currently working with other area agencies who have received similar reports in an attempt to identify the suspects. -Detectives are investigating a report of a large amount of stolen cash from a purse during a charity event. This crime is low. Lower than your carb intake on the first day of an Atkins diet. Lower than your spirit after you spent your Weekend binge watching Netflix. Lower than Ballwin's crime rate. Lower than...........ok equal to our opinion of Stan Kroenke's professional sports management strategies. -We are aware of the ongoing traffic issues on Reinke Road due to construction. We would like to release a friendly reminder that keeping your vehicle on the actual roadway between the ditches will help alleviate some of the congestion during the ongoing construction in the area. Officers will be periodically checking the area to assist with the flow of traffic. And finally, -Officers responded to a report of a suspect chasing a person with a hammer in a business parking lot. The suspect’s “Hammer-time” was quickly turned into “poop my pants time” as he was aggressively confronted by numerous officers due to the serious nature of the report. It was determined that the confrontation stemmed over a $40 debt. The involved persons were separated and left the area due to lack of cooperation from the victim. As always, if you need us, we will be there. -BPD
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Aug 29, 2018

Lock your cars

Our detectives are investigating leads from the thefts discovered yesterday. This video discusses how fast these crimes occur and shows you real footage of the crimes in progress. We urge you to remove valuables from your cars and to make sure that your car is locked. As you can see in the video, they suspects are moving very quickly and locked doors are a great deterrent. If you have any surveillance video or information in reference to the thefts please contact our detectives at 636-227-9636.
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Aug 28, 2018

Vehicle thefts

In the early morning hours, while many Ballwinites were sleeping, people with nefarious motives were in our area. They found many unlocked vehicles and took items from them. They found keys in two unlocked cars and took the cars. They found valuables and took them. Please lock your cars, remove your valuables, and don't leave keys in the vehicle. Last night's activity was mainly in the Holloway corridor, north of Manchester. If you have any information please contact our detectives at 636-227-9636.
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Aug 27, 2018

Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up! - An officer, stopping to fuel his vehicle at the end of his shift, noticed suspicious behavior from a passenger in a vehicle, parked on the gas station lot. A check of the plate revealed that the car was a stolen out of Illinois, but this information wasn’t received until it had already left the lot. As officers attempted to stop the vehicle, it fled eastbound on Manchester Road, speeding, swerving and running a red light. Not wanting to endanger the motoring public, officers discontinued the chase. Manchester Road rush-hour traffic to the rescue! The vehicle became ensnared in said traffic at a light, and officers were able to pull up behind them, in a leisurely fashion, and take them into custody. In addition to the stolen vehicle charge, the driver was awarded with citations for Speeding 76/40, Failure to Obey an Electric Signal, Operating Without an Operator License and Fleeing and Attempting to Elude Police. The officer was awarded with several hours of overtime. - Officers responded to a local tavern on the report of a leaving the scene accident. A vehicle, pulling out of a parking space, hit an adjacent vehicle causing minor damage, and fled the scene. Suspect vehicle was described as a Silver Ford Escape. Long story short, it didn’t. - Officers received a report of a mailbox which had been pulled out of the ground overnight. We respond to a variety of calls involving mailboxes which have been hit with flying objects, crashed into, blown up or otherwise mangled. But an uprooted mailbox is somewhat unusual. Not wanting this to start trending, please contact us if you have any information. And finally, - An officer was dispatched to assist a lady that had a bat flying around in her bedroom. Knowing he was in trouble, the bat fled the scene prior to the officer’s arrival. We’re not positive, but it may have been the officer we sent (pictured below). As always, if you need us, we will be there. - BPD
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Aug 24, 2018

Tip-A-Cop Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who came out to Texas Roadhouse - Ballwin last night. We had a great time and while the final money count is not done yet, your generosity will greatly help Special Olympics! Also thank you to all of the staff at Texas Roadhouse for being incredibly welcoming to our Department, we had a great time and can’t wait to do this event again!
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Aug 15, 2018

Back to School

Elementary School Resource Officer Ferrell is all packed up and ready for school! As a reminder, school is back in session so keep an eye out for students as they travel to and from school. #DriveSafe
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Aug 14, 2018

Update to weekly roundup

We have been receiving questions about the burglary in the Dutch Mill area discussed in the Weekly Roundup.  We have been told of some rumors, which are not true.  Due to this being an active investigation, the amount of information that we are able to release is limited, but once we are able to release more information, we will.     On 08/07/2018, there was a residential burglary in the area of Dutch Mill and MO 141.  Numerous items were taken during the burglary.  The investigation into this matter has identified two suspects, who are both currently in custody out of the State.  Property from the burglary has been recovered by our Detectives. This burglary is believed to be an isolated incident and does not appear to be part of a pattern or series of crimes.  If you have any information please contact our Detectives at 636-227-9636.
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