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Staff Directory

Administration ()

Ph: (636) 227-9000

Fax: (636) 207-2320

Eric Hanson
Denise Keller
Andy Hixson
Abigail Johnson
Mike Roberts
Haley Morrison
Paula Reeds
Kirsten Hochstetler

Public Works ()

Ph: (636) 227-9000

Fax: (636) 207-2320

Jim Link  

Parks and Recreation ()


Ph: 636-227-8950

Fax: 636-207-2330

John HoffmanGayle Junge
Hedy Boone  
James BoydAbby Sturmer
Dan EasthamMatt Struemph
 Terri Johnson  

Ballwin Golf Course

Ph: (636) 227-9000

David Furlong
Chris Crocker
Kate Duffy

Police Department ()

Ph: (636) 227-9000

Fax: (636) 207-2340

Chief Kevin Scott
Lt. Curt Saitta
Lt. Kevin Lorne 
Captain John Bergfeld
Lt. Kevin Bushery
Officer Scott Stephens

Municipal Court ()


The Ballwin Municipal Court conducts two sessions each month. These are usually held on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at the Police Department at 300 Park Drive.(636) 227-9468

Virginia NyeMunicipal Judge
Christopher Graville
-Public Defender
Chris Northcutt