Street & Bridge Projects

2018 Public Works Projects

Each year, the Board of Aldermen holds a budget discussion to prioritize city projects and services. In October of 2017, a budget session was held to discuss how to best use projected revenues to benefit our residents in 2018. During the discussion, the Public Works Department presented recommendations on street repairs and projects.

After further discussion and direction from the Board, the following projects were approved in the 2018


The 2018 budget includes resurfacing Windcliffe (asphalt over concrete portion), Royal Oaks, Manorcrest, Ironwood, Sunstone, and Old Ballwin Road. Selected concrete pavement replacement has also been
budgeted on Windcliffe (concrete portion), Orkney, Fieldstone, Trailwood, Caprice Gardens, Oakwood Farms Phase 1 (dead end-Oakbriar Farm), Castle Pines-Phase 1, Old Ballwin Road (Curb & Gutter), Kehrs Mill Trail, Holloway Ridge Ct, Village Meadows, Wetherburn, and Fairway Lake.


In conjunction with street resurfacing, sidewalks and curb ramps will be upgraded to meet current ADA
standards. Work is expected to begin in March or April depending on weather.

The cities of Ballwin and Ellisville will share the cost in 2018 to reconstruct 650 feet of Reinke Road east of the new roundabout. This project will improve the roadway curves and sight distances.

Project Updates

As of 11.16.18

The City of Ballwin has awarded a contract to M&H Concrete Contractors to remove and replace deficient curb and gutters, and concrete pavement, and upgrade curb ramps to current ADA regulations on several streets. Below is a tentative schedule that will be updated periodically. All dates are estimated and subject to change based on weather conditions. Contractual jobs are indicated with an asterisk symbol. 

The City of Ballwin will also complete a number of projects in-house over the course of the year, thanks to the purchase of a new volumetric mixer. You can learn more about the new piece of equipment in the video below the list of projects. City staff will work to eliminate sidewalk tripping hazards toward the later half of the construction season.

Caprice Gardens Drive (Sidewalk Replacement) Rescheduled to 2019
Caprice Gardens Drive* (Slab and Sidewalk Replacement) Completed
Castle Pines Drive (Sidewalk Replacement) Rescheduled to 2019
Castle Pines Drive* (Slab replacement) Completed
Country Club (Sidewalk replacement) Rescheduled to 2019
Downall Green (Slab replacement) Rescheduled to 2019
Fairway Lake (Slab replacement) Rescheduled to 2019
Fieldstone Drive (Sidewalk Replacement) Rescheduled to 2019
Fieldstone Drive* (Slab Replacement) Completed
Henry Road (Sidewalk replacement) Scheduled start date: 11/19/2018
Holloway Ridge Court (Slab and sidewalk replacement) Rescheduled to 2019
Kehrs Mill Trail (Slab replacement) Completed
Newfield Ct Circle (cul-de-sac removal) Rescheduled to 2019
Oakwood Farms Drive (Sidewalk Replacement) Rescheduled to 2019
Oakwood Farms Drive* (Slab Replacement) Completed
Old Ballwin Road* (Curb & Gutters, Sidewalk Replacement) Completed
Old Woods Mill (Drainage pipe) Completed
Orkney Court (Sidewalk Replacement) Rescheduled to 2019
Orkney Court* (Slab Replacement) Completed
Ries Road (Sidewalk replacement) Completed
Trailwood Drive (Sidewalk Replacement) Rescheduled to 2019
Trailwood Drive* (Slab Replacement) Completed
Village Meadows (Slab replacement) Completed
Weatherburn (Slab replacement) Completed
Windcliffe Drive (Sidewalk Replacement) Rescheduled to 2019
Windcliffe Drive* (Slab Replacement) Completed


Bridge Replacements

Update from 10.1.18

With the reopening of Ries Road to traffic, Ramsey Lane will now be closed to traffic at the bridge. Detour signs are posted. The project is expected to be completed in early spring, weather permitting. 

Update from 9.28.18

The Ries Road Bridge has reopened to traffic. As a reminder, the speed limit on that road is 30 mph. Please drive carefully. 

Update from 9.26.18

We have three important road updates for Ballwin motorists.

1) Ries Road bridge is still on schedule to reopen to traffic on Friday (9/28/18).
2) As promised, the Ramsey Lane bridge will close once the Ries Road bridge reopens to traffic. This means our contractors will be moving to Ramsey, and the bridge will be closed starting on MONDAY, OCTOBER 1. 
3) Reinke Road will be temporarily closed during business hours on Monday, October 1 (between 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) to allow for rotomilling.

We appreciate your help in sending this accurate information to those who need it. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Update from 9.20.18

The City was informed on Wednesday by our contractors that the Ries Road bridge is slightly behind schedule due to a conflict with a utility company outside of the City's control that was just recently resolved. Originally, the bridge was scheduled to open this Friday, but according to the most recent information, it now looks like it will be next Friday (Sept 28) at the latest. It is possible the bridge would open before Friday if the weather cooperates and the final stages progress quickly. We will update you as soon as possible when more information is made available. We apologize for any inconvenience.   

Update from 8.1.18 

The Ries Road bridge project, the first of two replacement projects, began May 25.  Below is a project update as of August 1.

 Old 1960s bridge (culvert) has been removed.

  • A sanitary sewer main and lateral have been relocated.
  • The south footing has been completed.
  • Spire (formerly Laclede Gas Co.) completed installing a new gas main.
  • The north footing construction is in progress, but has been hampered by three rain events.
  • The precast concrete arches are scheduled to be set on the footings August 13, provided there are no more rain delays.
  • Ries Road is scheduled to reopen by September 21.

 The Ramsey Lane bridge will close following the reopening of Ries Road.  The new bridge construction is expected to be completed within four months.  

Update from 5.14.18

Two bridges over Fishpot Creek will be replaced in 2018. The first to be replaced is on Ries Road between Manchester Road and Ramsey Lane. The other bridge is on Ramsey Lane just south of Manchester Road.

The Federal Highway Administration will reimburse the City 80% of the cost for both bridges. At their April 9, 2018 meeting the Board of Aldermen awarded contracts to KCI Construction for the construction of both bridges.

Ries Road will be closed at the creek beginning in the morning on Friday, May 25 (pushed back from original date of May 23). Detour signs will direct motorists to Sulphur Springs Road, New Ballwin Road, and Ramsey Lane until the bridge is reopened. The reopening is expected in September 2018. A detour map is available showing these alternate routes. Please revisit this webpage or follow the Ballwin Public Works Department Facebook page for updates. If you have any questions you may contact Director of Development Andy Hixson at 636-227-9000 or via email at .  

Once this bridge is reopened to traffic, the Ramsey Lane Bridge will be closed.  The new Ries Bridge will consist of precast concrete arches with a sidewalk along both sides. Decorative wrought iron style fencing will be added for pedestrian safety. A concrete barrier will separate pedestrians and vehicles as they cross the bridge.

Ramsey Lane Bridge is expected to close in October and reopen in early spring of 2019. Traffic will be detoured via Ries Road, Sulphur Springs Road, and New Ballwin Road.  The new bridge will consist of precast concrete girders.  Sidewalks, wrought iron style fencing, and concrete barriers are also included along both sides.


ADA Sidewalk Transition Plan

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law requires public entities to develop a formal transition plan identifying the steps necessary to meet ADA accessibility requirements for all pedestrian access routes by upgrading all noncompiliant features.  The Street Transition Plan (PDF below) is attached that was adopted by the Board of Aldermen on February 27, 2017.

The Plan includes when, how, and where curb ramps and sidewalks will be updated to current ADA standards.  All curb ramps will be upgraded when a street is overlaid, resurfaced, microsurfaced, or reconstructed.  All new sidewalks will be constructed in accordance with the ADA regulations.  Uneven sidewalks are to be eliminated in a timely manner.

ADA Sidewalk Transition Plan

Ballwin Public Works Department