013 The Making of the Ballwin Life Magazine

 The Ballwin Life Magazine is a quarterly publication designed and distributed by the City of Ballwin. The team behind the magazine sits down in this episode to discuss how the project was born in 2017 and what the process looks like to develop each issue. 

Featured on this week's episode is City Clerk Abigail Johnson who plays a large role in the making of the magazine. She is also involved in many other projects happening in the city including the making of the new logo and the new design of the police cars. Listen to the episode below or subscribe to the show anywhere you listen to podcasts. 

If you have questions, comments or suggestions about the magazine please do not hesitate to email Director of Marketing and Communication Kirsten Hochstetler at

The next issue of the magazine will be in homes in early August. And the final edition of 2018 will be printed in early November. 

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