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Virtual Court

Please click on the links below to fill out and submit the forms required to participate in Virtual Court Appearances.  You must complete a waiver to be physically present in court form, as well as at least one of the other forms, to participate in virtual court.

ATTENTION DEFENDANTS AND ATTORNEYS: Please note, all forms/registration must be submitted no later than 12 p.m. (CST) the day of court. No exceptions. Failure to submit your forms by 12 p.m. will be noted as a missed appearance. 

Must Complete (plus at least one form below) to participate in Virtual Court:

Waiver to be Physically Present/Consent to Video Court Appearance Form

Click here to see the fines/costs schedule for violations payable out of court     Click here to pay Ballwin tickets

Attorneys please complete this form and the Waiver to be Physically Present form:

Attorney Call Docket Form

Must complete at least one of these forms:

Plea of Not Guilty

Plea of Guilty and Waiver of Counsel

Request for Conference with Prosecuting Attorney

Request for Continuance

If you are a non-participant seeking to attend virtual court complete the following form:

Non-Participant Request to Attend Virtual Court

Click here to see your rights in Court