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Building Department - COVID-19 - Update

Last Updated 3.26.20

The Ballwin building department performs an essential job protecting lives and the investments of building owners in Ballwin. We have attempted to do everything possible to continue this service in these past weeks to facilitate home sales and construction inspections. 

As circumstances have become increasingly dire, some adjustments must be made. In order to protect the residents of Ballwin and the inspections department from contracting and spreading the Clovid-19 virus, Ballwin is suspending most in person inspections. 

The bulk of these inspections can be performed via the video chat apps FaceTime or Duo. In order to get an inspection, someone will need to be available at the building to be inspected with a smart phone or tablet with FaceTime or Duo installed. Links to these free apps are available through your device’s App Store. When requesting an inspection, a phone number must be provided to your device so that our inspectors can call to initiate the video chat.  Initial occupancy inspections will still need to be done in person.

To safely perform the in-person occupancy inspection, we will need to follow some protocols to limit exposure. Homes that are vacant can be inspected with proper body substance isolation equipment. This will include masks, gloves and protective eye wear. Occupied homes will require that the occupants stay in one area away from the inspector as he performs the inspection while wearing his safety equipment. 

Those unable to meet these conditions will need to wait until after we get back to performing in-person inspections. We hope that this will not cause too much inconvenience. Ultimately, we must consider the welfare of our residents and employees during this unprecedented crisis. 

Please stay safe.

- Mike Roberts, Building Commissioner

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