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Summer Camp Program: Status Check

Last Updated 5.20.20

This morning, St. Louis County Executive Sam Page stated during his press conference, “summer camp guidelines will be out soon, we are working on those. We expect summer camps to be able to be open on June 1st.”

Although we are excited at the possibility of beginning our 2020 summer camps on Monday, June 1, we are still waiting on detailed instructions from St. Louis County before we can make any decision. These guidelines will include all operational modifications required for our summer camps to open (such as max attendance, changes to drop-off and pick-up protocol, specific social distancing rules related to activities and sports, etc.). We cannot make a decision regarding our summer camps until we receive these guidelines. 

We understand that many of you are patiently waiting on news from us regarding our summer camps… just as our staff is waiting on news and instructions from St. Louis County. We truly appreciate your understanding as we navigate through this. We promise, as soon as the guidelines have been distributed by St. Louis County and thoroughly reviewed by our staff, we will share an update!

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