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Leaf Collection Begins Monday, October 25

The 2021 Leaf Collection program is scheduled to begin on Monday, October 25, 2021.

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Each ward will have a designated crew. If you are not sure which ward you are in, please use our Online Ward and Street Look Up feature. 
  • We cannot guarantee what day your leaves will be collected. Crews will pickup approximately every three weeks. 
  • Crews will be collecting Monday - Friday during normal operating hours. There will be no pickup on City-observed holidays. 
  • This program may be delayed, halted, or ended due to weather conditions, manpower issues, heightened leaf volume, equipment down time, etc. We will do our best to provide updates to the schedule below. 

The Master Street List by Ward list will be updated at the end of each leaf-collection day and can be accessed on our Curbside Leaf Collection page. The updates will reflect the streets that have been completed. While we are unable to provide collection dates, crews will pickup leaves approximately every three weeks until the fall program concludes in December.

This is a free service provided to Ballwin residents who are customers of the City’s contracted waste hauler (Republic Services). Residents should put leaves on the edge of their yard, not in the street or gutter. Please do not park on top of, or in front of, leaf piles. Leaves that are not accessible cannot be collected until the next cycle. Crews will not be able to return to missed piles. To see just how powerful our leaf vacuums are, watch the video below produced by the City of Ballwin. 

For the safety of our workers and protection of our equipment, leaves with debris (sticks, plants, root balls, metal objects, bricks, logs, animal waste, etc.) will NOT be collected. 

While we hope you’ll take advantage of this free service, this is not the only way to dispose of your leaves. If our three-week timeline does not match your needs, you can always bag your leaves for Republic Services’ Yard-Waste Collection or mulch your leaves.

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