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Your Fitness Calendar

Jan 9, 2018 | The Pointe

By: Fitness Manager Matt Struemph

The time for New Year’s resolutions to exercise is here again. Every year fitness centers are full of users at the beginning of the year only to see numbers fall back to the mean after a few months. This fitness calendar runs from January through March for many and sometimes ends in February or sooner. The fitness calendar should be never ending as there is no specific time of year when exercise is more important over another.

Those that have a never ending fitness calendar are, of course, grateful for this phenomenon and the dispersing of resolution crowds. For the sake of your health, there are ways to extend your fitness calendar and become one of the grateful ones who wait out the crowds to reclaim their fitness centers.

Be Realistic

First and foremost have a realistic approach to exercise and fitness goals. So many fail to extend their fitness calendars by either overdoing it or becoming frustrated when results are not noticeable. For the type ’A’s out there, an exercise resolution can be tricky. Going all in too quick can result in negatives such as burnout or overuse injuries. Taking time to evaluate your fitness plan and focus on the fact that you are maintaining it versus making it an internal competition is one way to take a realistic approach. Too high of an intensity or too long of a duration too soon is a path to failure. For the instant gratification personalities, setting gradual, short term goals will help combat frustration. The ultimate goal is well down the road. Making a few stops along the way to bask in the glory of accomplishing short term goals will help maintain motivation.

Find Ways to Track Progress

This is a proven way to keep your interest. Whether it is the old fashioned method of putting pen to paper, or using the latest technology (wearable devices and applications), tracking progress may help you extend your fitness calendar.

Seek advice

This can come in the form of professional guidance or from others experiencing the same challenges. It is almost always easier to take on a task with help. Exercise is no different. Professional personal trainers can guide you toward your goals and help assure that your routine is effective and efficient. Recruiting a workout partner or simply having a person to discuss your routine with can help keep you motivated.

Variety is the Spice of Life

When it comes to exercise there are many different methods. If you get bored easily, seek out new ways to keep your interest. If you are resistant to change and prefer to maintain a routine, that’s fine too. Either way works as long as your fitness calendar is ongoing.

Consistency is King

If you are starting an exercise routine this new year, don’t overwhelm yourself. Remaining consistent is the key to success. There will be days and weeks when your routine isn’t as productive as you’d like it to be. As long as you realize that and make the adjustment, you can make your fitness calendar never ending.


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