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April 2019 Member of the Month: Tom Allen

Apr 4, 2019 | The Pointe


Tom and his wife, Deborah, moved to Ballwin in 1997.  As soon as they discovered The Pointe they joined and have been members ever since. Tom notes that The Pointe has everything they need and for the fees is a great value.  Since moving they have gone from a couple membership to a family with their 17 year old son, Jack.

When asked what he likes most about The Pointe, Tom focused on the sense of community.  He appreciates how kind the members and staff are which enhances the atmosphere.  The variety of activities, specifically the pool, track, and fitness classes are amenities he notes.  

Although Tom and his family have been long time members, Tom’s wellness success story at The Pointe is more recent.  A common story for many, Tom gradually added on pounds      particularly after age 40.  About two years ago, his A1C blood test marker had reached a     diabetic level.  That was his reality check.  Tom explains that he was a regular member and used The Pointe a couple of times each week.  Since December of 2017 he has made physical activity at The Pointe more of a daily occurrence, coming 5-6 times each week.  He also tracks his food through MyFitnessPal.  This has resulted in 39 pounds lost and, more importantly, bringing his A1C test back down to a normal level.

Tom’s advice for others attempting to make healthy changes is to be patient, track progress, and find what physical activity works for you whether it’s a variety or not.

Great advice, Tom, and congratulations on your continued success!



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