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December 2019 Members of the Month: Keeven Family

Dec 2, 2019 | The Pointe

The Keeven family have been regular Pointe patrons for over 20 years. Pictured from left to right are Josh, Weston, Reilly, Ella, and Shanta (Shanta’s husband, Jim, is not pictured). Josh is new to fatherhood (contrats!), a Purdue graduate in Mechanical Engineering, and is currently a First Lieutenant Combat Engineer in the USMC. Stationed at Camp Pendleton, he enjoys surfing when he has time. Reilly is a Junior at Purdue studying Mechanical Engineering. He is currently in the NROTC Marine Corps at Purdue. Coincidentally, he also enjoys surfing when he gets to visit Josh in California. Weston is a Sophomore at Purdue also studying Mechanical Engineering. He, too, enjoys surfing during visits with his brother, but also has a passion for Texas hold’em and enjoys playing that with friends. Ella is currently in seventh grade at Selvidge Middle School. Her busy schedule includes basketball, volleyball, and soccer club teams. Now that she is old enough to take advantage of The Pointe Fitness Center, Ella says that is what she likes most about The Pointe. Shanta is a familiar face in the fitness area, but also loves volleyball and plays in The Pointe’s Co-Ed volleyball league. Although Jim doesn’t make it to The Pointe very often, he is also very active and enjoys outdoor projects to stay active.

The Keevens began using The Pointe with 20-visit passes, but decided approximately 10 years ago that a family membership was the way to go. The value of having a membership with the kids coming and going so often was too much to pass up. Their original draw to The Pointe was the community feel and that there are a variety of things to do for different ages. Over the years the family has met a lot of ‘gym friends’, as they put it, and can’t imagine being members anywhere else.

Another aspect of The Pointe that is mentioned is the staff patience, particularly when the kids were younger. Staff continues to make an impression as Reilly mentions Mike at the Welcome Desk and how he always has a fist bump and a friendly smile for him.

The Keeven family is a very active group. Shanta states that any family looking to stay active can’t go wrong with The Pointe, the variety it offers, and the community feel.


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