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November Member of the Month

Nov 10, 2017 | The Pointe

Some peoploe play tennis, others play golf. Some people are walkers, and others run every day. November’s Pointe member of the month, Dan Mai, prefers to mix things up.  “I’ve always worked out, but I like to do a variety of things and change things up. I’ve done almost every class offered here and that’s what’s so unique about The Pointe, it has a variety of just about everything,” Dan shared.

His favorite class is probably Spinning, specifically the 5:45 am class. He’s been attending that class regularly for about 10 years now. “It’s just a great way to get my day started,” Dan said.

Dan, along with his wife Maria and now-grown children have been members of The Pointe for over 15 years. “All three of my kids grew up coming here. Now when they’re home for the holidays they still come up here once in a while,” said Dan. “They say there’s nothing like it for the same price near their homes. The Pointe really is the best bargain in town.”

Originally from Kansas City, Dan graduated with a degree in Business from Baker University ironically located in Baldwin, Kansas. Now he lives and works right here in Ballwin as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep for Actelion Pharmaceuticals . He is passionate about his work and says it’s almost like not working because he gets to see so many people benefit for the medicine he sells.

“When we moved here about 20 years ago we weren’t technically in Ballwin yet, but we were incorporated not too long after that. We heard The Pointe was one of the benefits of being a Ballwin resident, but we didn’t take advantage of it right away, and it’s too bad because they were right. The Pointe really is a benefit to the whole community, but especially Ballwin residents,” said Dan.

After learning he’ll likely need a hip replacement, Dan’s doctor advised he could probably delay the process by losing some weight. So between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year, Dan dropped about 70 pounds. “I know by doing so I probably saved myself a couple of years, and that’s what’s so important about staying healthy and being fit. It’s a life-long journey and it’s one you can’t take lightly, you have to be dedicated. It will help you in the long run,” he shared.

This man is certainly a person to admire when it comes to being dedicated to fitness. He truly enjoys mixing things up and is always willing to try something new. He shared the first time he ever ran was in one of The Pointe’s boot camp classes. After that he started training for a 5k and then worked all the way up to a half marathon. For someone who claimed not to have been a runner, he sure fooled us.

Dan Mai is almost a household name among Pointe staff. His friendliness to staff and members alike has built many friendships with people inside the facility.  “The Pointe has almost a Cheers-like atmosphere. I look forward to coming every day, it’s become my getaway,” said Dan. Congratulations on being named November’s Member of the Month!


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