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Cascades Rezoning

Welcome to the City of Ballwin!

On January 1, 2023, The Cascades Subdivision was annexed into the City of Ballwin from St. Louis
County, after approval from the St Louis County Boundary Commission in 2022. Annexation is a process
by which a City expands its boundaries to include new areas of land. When this occurs, the City of
Ballwin applies a zoning designation that is comparable to the Designation that was assigned to the land
when it was in Unincorporated St Louis County. This ensures that the land is subject to the City’s zoning
regulations, which guide how land can be used and developed.

The City of Ballwin is now moving forward with the process to apply a City of Ballwin zoning designation
to properties within The Cascades Subdivision.

Here are the steps involved in this process:

The City is submitting a rezoning application for the properties in the newly annexed area. This
application typically includes information about the proposed zoning changes, such as the existing and
proposed zoning designation(s), land use, and any accompanying documentation. A public hearing will
be held at the Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting, whose vote is a recommendation to the Board of
Aldermen. The Board of Aldermen will ultimately have the final vote on the application.
When The Cascades Subdivision was Unincorporated, the zoning designation that St Louis County had
assigned to it was R-4 Residence District. The most appropriate City of Ballwin Zoning Designation is R-4
Planned Multiple Dwelling District.

While the districts are very similar, any existing structure that does not meet the one of the City’s R-4
zoning requirements would be considered legally non-conforming or “grandfathered”. That means the
structure may continue to exist without any consequence. The property can be sold without issue. Any
new construction would be required to meet the requirements of the City’s R-4 Zoning District.

A public hearing is scheduled to be heard at the Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting on Monday,
December 4 at 7:00 pm at the City of Ballwin Government Center. The Board of Aldermen may vote
on the application at their meeting, which is scheduled for Monday, December 11 at 7:00 pm.

The Cascades Subdivision Rezoning Comparison Table
St Louis County’s R-4 Zoning DistrictCity of Ballwin’s R-4 Zoning District
Lot size requirements:Lot size requirements:
Minimum lot size:
7,500 square feet
Minimum lot size:
3,700 square feet (single family)
2,000 square feet (multi family
Setback requirements:Setback requirements (single family lots):
Minimum front yard (primary structure): 20 feetMinimum front yard (primary structure): 20 feet
Minimum side yard (primary structure): 6 feetMinimum side yard (primary structure): 10 feet between units
Minimum rear yard (primary structure): 15 feetMinimum rear yard (primary structure): 
Lots 10 - 52: 5 feet
Lots 1-9: 15 feet
Height limitations:
No building elevation of any dwelling structure or building accessory to a dwelling structure shall exceed three (3) stories or forty-five (45) feet in height, whichever is less.
Height limitations:
No building shall exceed 35 feet in height nor contain more than two stories, except, however, when the tract to be developed, as set out in the preliminary site plan, abuts land which is not a right-of-way for an existing public street, in which case no building may be erected along the ten-foot perimeter, described in the area regulations, which exceeds 12 feet in height. A building may be erected one additional foot in height over 12 feet for each foot by which the building is set back from the ten-foot perimeter, subject, however, to the overall 35-foot height limitation.

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