Code Enforcement Request for Service

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for PROTECTING Your Health and Safety, MAINTAINING Your City, Neighborhood, And Your Home, ASSURING The long-term value of your Investment and the viability of your Community. We want to hear from you whenever you notice something that needs our attention.

Street Light Outages

All street light outages should now be reported directly to Ameren Missouri. Please provide the address and pole number (which is listed on the pole and should start with the letter "B") by or calling them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-552-7583 (press 2 for other, then 2 for outage, then 4 for street light, then 0 for customer care).

Short Term Rentals

At a Board of Aldermen meeting in April, Ballwin officials unanimously approved Bill No. 3991 in regards to short term rentals. The Board determined it is in the best interest of residents and businesses in Ballwin to allow such rentals, subject to certain regulations. The language in the bill was slightly adapted for parking from “on the street abutting the property” to “on the portion of the street directly contiguous to the property of the licensee” in regards to short term rentals to help contain renter parking.

See the full Bill and requirements of the home owner

Please provide the following contact information so that we can keep you informed on the status of your request.

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