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Republic Services Update

Last Updated 4.3.20

Republic Services Update - At this time, Republic Services has committed to continuing all current contracted services, including trash, recycling, yard waste, and bulk pickup. There was a brief interruption in service from March 16 - March 29 as Republic Services dealt with COVID-19-related manpower issues, however normal service resumed effective Monday, March 30.

Changes may be made in the future (depending upon evolving conditions related to COVID-19) but for now, Republic Services will continue to provide all services in accordance with our current contract. In the event this changes, we will place notices on our website, social media pages, and in our email newsletters.

For more information on our Trash Pickup and Recycling, including collection schedules and guidelines, click here

Please note: the City does not provide trash collection services. For the most current and accurate information, residents should contact Republic Services directly with questions or comments regarding their service. 

Republic Services - Bridgeton
12976 St. Charles Rock Rd.
Bridgeton, MO 63044
Phone Number: (636) 947-5959

Message from the National Waste & Recycling Association - "The National Waste & Recycling Association has long been committed to ensuring that our workers are kept safe... Therefore, we developed the attached poster to ensure that all waste and recycling material is picked up in a manner that minimizes contact between our employees and the public and the material they put at the curb. This poster accomplishes that by requesting proactive efforts by the public to support our workers:

  • Maintain social distance – Once the carts are placed at the curb, the public should maintain social distance from the workers that unload the carts.
  • Bag waste & keep recyclables loose – All waste should be in bags and all recyclables should be kept loose.
  • All material in carts or bins – Bagged waste and loose recyclables should be placed into the appropriate carts or bins. There should not be any bags or boxes or other material outside the carts as that requires extra handling.
  • Recycling – Remind the public about acceptable materials for the carts and that only those materials should be placed in the carts. Plastic bags, tissues and sharps should not be placed in recycling.
  • Put out carts on time and retrieve carts quickly.
  • Wipe cart handles and lids after placing them curbside."


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