North Pointe Aquatic Center Rentals

Group Rates

If your established organization has a group you'd like to bring to North Pointe Aquatic Center please contact Aquatics Manager Liz Renaud for more information at (636) 207-2327 or via email at . Established groups such as sports teams, youth groups, HOAs, summer camps, day cares, boy scouts, girl scouts and more are welcome to take advantage of lower group pricing options. 


Looking for a unique and different party setting for your family reunion, group/work functions, or your team parties?  Rentals are from 8 – 10 p.m. with the availability of one pool or the entire complex. For additional information, please call Liz Renaud at (636) 207-2327.

Competition Pool  
1-100 peopleVIP $300Reg $360
101+ peopleVIP $325Reg $390
Competition Pool and Slides  
1-100 peopleVIP $365Reg $440
101+ peopleVIP $395Reg $475
Leisure Area  
1-100 peopleVIP $365Reg $440
101+ peopleVIP $395Reg $475
Entire Complex  
1-100 peopleVIP $990Reg $1185
101 + peopleVIP $1075Reg $1290
Lazy River  
1-100VIP $430Reg $515
101+VIP $465Reg $560