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Opening a Business

Interested in opening a Business in Ballwin? Contact City Planner Lynn Sprick at (636) 227-2243 or . We also encourage you to download our New Business Checklist before getting started. 

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Before you sign a lease or buy a building, you should determine if the type and nature of the proposed business is allowed at the specific location. Some types of businesses may only be permitted by a Special Use Exception. Changes to the footprint of the building or the site plan may require other special zoning approvals.

Special Use Exception or Zoning Approval: Once a Special Use Exception or Zoning Approval has been obtained, or if it is determined that such approval is not necessary, an inspection of the building or space is required. In order to obtain the necessary inspection, the owner or agent of the building must make an application for a non-residential building inspection with the City of Ballwin and apply for a Use Permit from the Metro West Fire Protection District or the West County EMS & Fire Protection District (whichever has jurisdiction).

Request for a Commercial Occupancy Inspection: Please know the square footage for the premises your business will occupy. Please fax your request to (636) 207-2360 or email to . Payment is due at time of scheduling.

An approved Inspection and Use Permit are required prior to the issuance of the Occupancy Permit and Business License (if alteration or remodeling of the building is required, building, plumbing, electrical or mechanical permits may also be required).

Commercial Occupancy Permit: After a Use Permit has been obtained from the appropriate fire protection district, the non-residential building inspection has been approved, or all construction work has been completed and approved by the City and the fire district, the new business owner must obtain a Business License and a Commercial Occupancy Permit before opening for business.

Business License: You will need to apply for a New Business License. Contact Kathy Papp at (636) 207-2390 or with questions. 

Planning to run your business out of your home? Here’s what you need to know.

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