Personal Training

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Lucy Hey

Lucy Hey is a lifetime fitness enthusiast and certified through the American Council on Exercise. Lucy tailors workouts to her clients’ goals to help them achieve higher levels of fitness. She has experience with a wide variety of ages and abilities. Lucy wants her clients to enhance their lifestyles through improved fitness so they can do the things they want to do when they want to do them. 
Interested in working with Lucy? Purchase your sessions at The Pointe's front desk and call her directly to schedule your appointments at (314) 799-9120.

Georgette Rickard

Georgette Rickard is a NESTA certified personal trainer. She is certified to lead a variety of group
fitness programs including SilverSneakers, Zumba, and Pilates. This variety allows her to work with all fitness levels. Specializing in core and balance training allows her to work with individuals with a broad range of goals from weight loss to rehab. She believes in a mind and body connection and balance of weight training, cardio, and flexibility.
Interested in working with Georgette? Purchase your sessions at The Pointe's front desk and call her directly to schedule your appointments at (314) 357-3110. 

Pete Markos 

Pete Markos holds a Masters Degree, is an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer, and holds an ACE Fitness Nutrition Certificate. Pete is Modern Army Combatives Program (Mixed Martial Arts) Level 1 qualified and has over 24 years experience in physical fitness training and preparing soldiers for military service. He excels in strength and conditioning training, power lifting, bodybuilding training, and military service preparation.
Interested in working with Pete? Purchase your sessions at The Pointe's front desk and call him directly to schedule your appointments at (913) 689-9929.

Laura Laurie

Laura Laurie holds multiple certifications in nutrition and exercise and is a Certified Personal Trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine.  She is passionate about helping others maintain quality of life through functional movement, strength, flexibility and balance. Laura's focus is to work one-on-one with clients tailoring to their specific health and fitness goals.
Interested in working with Laura? Purchase your sessions at The Pointe's front desk and call her directly to schedule your appointments at (973) 271-6235.

Personal Training Rates at The Pointe at Ballwin Commons

*Pointe Platinum Membership holders receive the Platinum rates.

1-Hr Sessions:VIPRegPlatinum
1 Session$60$75$60*
5 Sessions$280$345$265*
10 Sessions$490$615$440*
20 Sessions$860$1,075$730*
30-Min Sessions:   
1 Session$35$45$35*
5 Sessions$165$200$155*
10 Sessions$290$350$260*
20 Sessions$515$605$440*


1-Hr Group Sessions (2-4 clients)

5 Sessions$340**$415$325*
10 Sessions$545**$660$490*
20 Sessions$945**$1,155$805*

 **At least 1 participant must have VIP status.

Please note: All scheduled appointments are subject to a cancellation policy in which 24 hours notice must be given to the trainer. All refund requests must be approved by the Fitness Manager and are subject to a $10 service fee.

Still have questions about Personal Training at The Pointe? Contact Fitness Manager Matt Struemph at (636) 227-8950 or