Resident ID Cards

Ballwin recreation facilities are open to everyone; however, residents of the city pay a discounted rate for admission to facilities and programs. In order to prove you are a resident, obtain your Resident ID Card at The Pointe at Ballwin Commons or North Pointe Aquatic Center during regular business hours.

What do you need to obtain a Resident ID Card? 

  • An unpaid gas, water, electric, or sewer bill is needed to prove where you live or an occupancy permit issued by the City of Ballwin if issued within six months of application.
  • The cost of a new card is $5.00
  • Cards must to be renewed annually, the renewal fee is $1.00
  • The cost to replace a misplaced card is $3.00

What does the Resident ID entitle me to?

  • VIP pricing for program registrations and facility admissions
  • Shop Ballwin First discounts at participating Ballwin businesses
  • Discounted facility rentals
  • Load “Ballwin Bucks” onto your card which allow you to make purchases at any of the recreation facilities

At what age do you need to prove residency in order to receive the Ballwin rate?

Three years of age. Admission to all Ballwin facilities for children two years of age and younger is free.   

If I have a business in Ballwin am I entitled to Resident privileges?

Yes. Every Ballwin business can designate one employee and his or her family to receive resident privileges for the year. This can be the owner or any member of the staff. Simply provide a dated letter on company stationery designating the family to receive resident privileges.   

What does VIP mean in the recreation fee pricing structure?

Those who have a Resident ID Card or any type of membership to The Pointe at Ballwin Commons are entitled to pay the discounted or VIP rate.