Summer Safety Tips

It is almost summertime and there are a few things we need to remember about safety and crime prevention. With spring and summer our patrol officers see an increase in the number of garage doors left open overnight.  An open garage door is an invitation for someone to come into your garage and either steal something from your vehicles or something else left in your garage.  There are some shady individuals out there that drive around residential areas looking for an opportunity like an open garage door.  Along with open garage doors, we need to ensure that we lock our vehicles when we park them on the street or in the driveway.  Once again a locked vehicle will deter someone from stealing your personal items.  Ballwin is a very safe community and your local police department strives to ensure that every citizen feels safe and comfortable; but, some simple steps can help ensure that feeling.

Here are some safety tips to remember when you are out during the upcoming spring and summer months. 

  • when going to a recreation facility (pool, sporting event, etc.) bring only the items that are necessary (bring only the cash needed, if your wallet or purse is stolen they will only spend what you have in there, if you have a credit card then they have the ability to use the card until you cancel it or they reach your credit limit)
  • when available utilize a locker and lock it
  • keep your personal items on you, do not leave anything laying around, if you have to leave something laying around do your best to hide it, people can not take what they do not know is there
  • be aware of your surroundings  

These are all just some simple ideas to keep in mind as you are out enjoying the upcoming months.