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Fall Back Into Fitness

Sep 10, 2018 | The Pointe

“Fall Back Into Fitness” is a phrase you see everywhere this time of year. The phrase gives fitness centers a way (an increasingly un-clever way) to get patrons motivated to try something new. Who says springtime is the season of rebirth? The fall season can be even more invigorating than spring......especially in St. Louis.

Since the temperature is cooling and the kids are getting back to the "normal‟ routine of school, it's time to structure your fitness routine. There are many ways to design a routine that may be effective for your goals. The following are some suggestions to help guessed it.... FALL BACK INTO FITNESS!

Start with The Old Standard.

A standard routine is going to include both cardiovascular exercise and strength exercises. To review the basic guidelines......cardiovascular exercise should be performed at least 3 times per week and can be performed each day of the week for even more benefit to the heart.

Strength exercises should include the major muscle groups and be performed at least twice per week to maintain strength and muscle mass. More bouts of strength exercises can be performed, just make sure not to exercise the same muscle group on consecutive days.

Try some Interval Training.

Interval training is an easy way to break up the monotony of coming to the gym and doing the same things over and over. With cardio routines alone, intervals can be performed by performing short intervals (1- 3 minutes) of high intensity exercise followed by longer (5-10 minutes) moderate intensity. Another way to interval train is to combine cardio and
strength exercise. An example would be to do 2 strength exercises then walk or jog 2 or 3 laps around the track. Longer intervals, such as performing 10 minutes of cardio between several strength exercises are also an option.

Take a Class!

So you think you're not group fitness class material. Common concerns are: For women– “I'm not in good enough shape to take a class.” Hello!...The whole point of a fitness class
is to get you in shape. If you are a beginner, it's a good idea to find the instructor just before class so he/she knows you are new and where you are in the room. You always have the option to take short breaks if you aren't able to maintain the class pace. For men- “Aren't those classes for women?” Ah yes, the male ego rears it's ugly head again. Maybe it's the
type of class. Try a toning class or a bootcamp style class where there are less "dance‟ moves and having rhythm is less of a factor. The Pointe offers several options......Intense 45, Tenacious 20, and Insane Intervals are all great options.

Work with a Trainer.

Personal trainers motivate, offer accountability, and most importantly offer the knowledge to make sure your workouts are effective. Making time to exercise can be difficult enough. Finding that time and then wasting it on ineffective exercise routines is a fitness faux pa. Trainers can help you reach your goals without questioning what exercises do what. No matter your exercise experience, try using the “Fall Back Into Fitness” line to get started or to try something different.

Trees are losing leaves, animals are preparing for hibernation, and the holiday season is approaching's time to kick start your exercise routine!


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