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The 12 Days of Fitness

Dec 3, 2018 | The Pointe

There are a lot of ways to improve your fitness conditioning.  Adding something new to your routine or changing your methods all together in periods can help keep you interested and your body guessing.  Let’s explore the simplicity of fitness by singing together. 

On the first day of fitness my trainer gave to me Weight Plates and a Weight Tree. Although a weight tree itself may not be a way to improve fitness, the idea of filling the tree with weight plates is the message.  Free weight training is a great way to improve strength and is not just for bodybuilders.

On the second day of fitness my trainer gave to me Two Weight Training Gloves and Weight Plates and a Weight Tree.  You can see where this is going, so I’ll spare you all of the lyrics for each day.  Feel free to sing the whole song at the end.  Again, proper equipment for proper training is essential.

On the third day of fitness my trainer gave to me three French Curls.  The French curl can be performed in three positions…..standing, seated, or lying down.  A great exercise for the triceps, they are also known as extensions or skull crushers.  Again, try adding something new.

On the fourth day of fitness my trainer gave to me four Planking Birds.  A plank in the bird position can be performed four ways.  From the knees, left and right, and from the toes, left and right (more advanced).  This is a great exercise particularly for the core.  For more information on the bird plank, a simple internet search will generate photos. 

On the fifth day of fitness my trainer gave to me five Moves on Rings.  Not a gymnast?........that’s OK.  Rings and other suspension exercise methods (see TRX classes) are a challenging way to change your routine.

On the sixth day of fitness my trainer gave to me six Fleece for Running.  Whether you run or walk, exercising in cold weather calls for material that is both warm and moisture wicking.  Fleece is the answer if you want to continue an outdoor routine this winter.

On the seventh day of fitness my trainer gave to me seven Bouts of Swimming.  Adding water fitness to your routine is a great way to get plenty of cardio without the impact.  Whether it’s a class or lap swimming, just add water.

On the eighth day of fitness my trainer gave to me eight New Aids, No Bilking.  OK, this verse was tough and a bit of a stretch, but here’s the thought behind it.  Fitness aids can come in many forms.  Small fitness gadgets beyond the standard dumbbells might include resistance tubing, foam rollers, therapy balls, kettlebells, Bosu balls, medicine balls, an agility ladder, or plyo box.  All eight listed are aids that will bring new exercises to your routine… kidding.

On the ninth day of fitness my trainer gave to me nine Lessons Dancing.  Adding fun to fitness is not against the law.  Whether scheduled lessons or a few nights out on the town,  a few hours of dancing will definitely do a body good.

On the tenth day of fitness my trainer gave to me ten Boards for Leaping.  As mentioned in verse eight, one great aid is a plyometric box.  A home made version can be constructed with plywood (at least 3/4 inch).  It is essentially a cube to perform plyometric leaps on to and off of.  Plyometrics are a great way to improve strength and speed.

On the eleventh day of fitness my trainer gave to me eleven Skypers Skyping.  Trainer not in town? problem.  Technology today allows for support from anywhere.  We now live in the age of The Jetsons.  If you aren’t Skyping with your trainer, you can go online for guidance any time and observe sample videos for proper execution of exercises

On the twelfth day of fitness my trainer gave to me twelve Drummers Drumming.  What?  No clever word association or rhyme?  Outside of the author’s creativity being drained, there is a reason the lyric is left unchanged for the twelfth verse.  If you are looking for a unique group fitness class, try Pound.  Participants literally are given plastic drumsticks for use during the class.  Set to rock n’ roll, Pound allows participants to ‘drum’ the floor and ‘pound’ the sticks together in unison while performing the exercises.

There are always new ways to workout.  Pick a verse and see if it works for you.  For those that would like to sing the entire song, here you are……

12 Drummers Drumming
11 Skypers Skyping
10 Boards for Leaping
 9 Lessons Dancing
 8 New Aids, No Bilking
 7 Bouts of Swimming
 6 Fleece for Running
 5 Moves On Rings
 4 Planking Birds
 3 French Curls
 2 Weight Training Gloves
 Weight Plates and a Weight Tree



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