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December 2018 Member of the Month: Jeff and Adele Serocke

Dec 7, 2018 | The Pointe

After a short conversation with Jeff and Adele Serocke you’ll find the word adventurous describes them well. They love to travel in the United States and abroad, crossing items off their bucket list as they go.

But Ballwin is home, and has been so for 23 years. And part of home for the Serockes is fitness. “If we didn’t do what we do here at The Pointe every day, we wouldn’t be able to do everything we do at our age,” said Adele. And they do come every day. “The only days we miss are the days The Pointe is closed,” said Jeff.

Starting with a 20 visit card, it didn’t take them long to realize a full membership made much more sense for them. “The classes are my favorite,” Adele said. “It’s one hour, and you don’t have to think, you
just do what you’re told,” she joked. “You can make friends easily, the instructors always make you feel comfortable, and you’re not competing with others.”

A common struggle people find at the beginning of their fitness journey is getting past “gym phobia,” and Jeff says he was no exception. “We’ve heard of other gyms where you feel like you’re
competing with others, and we didn’t like that idea. But The Pointe doesn’t really feel like a gym. It’s a community center that offers an outstanding selection of fitness classes and a great variety of exercise equipment."

That’s a common feeling among Pointe members--that the facility is more of a community than a gym. “We actually end up seeing our neighbors from down the street more often when we’re at The Pointe than when we’re at home,” Jeff said.

Getting out of your comfort zone and starting a fitness routine is always tough. But Jeff suggests sticking with it for at least 30 days. Which is exactly what he and Adele have done. Adele remembers first coming to The Pointe over 10 years ago and using the machines for a workout. “But when I saw a class happening and started doing that regularly, that’s when I really started to see a change in how I looked and how I felt,” she said. “The classes really make you feel good.”

As it turns out, the couple who works out together stays together. Jeff and Adele have been married for almost 35 years. They have two daughters, are very active in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation with fundraising efforts, and recently adopted a new rescue dog.

Jeff has been in Human Resources with Marriott for the last 36 years which is actually where the two met. Adele also worked for the company for a number of years before choosing to be home with her kids when they were younger. Jeff continues to work in HR, and Adele has been blessed the last six years to discover another one of her passions is working in the assisted living industry.

Congratulations, Jeff and Adele, on being named December’s Members of the Month. It is definitely well-deserved, and your commitment to fitness is an inspiration to many!


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