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June 2019 Member of the Month: Susannah Gill

May 31, 2019 | The Pointe

Susannah and her family moved to Ballwin about seven years ago from Chicago to be closer to family. Her family joined The Pointe within the first year after the move and have been members ever since.

The Pointe’s variety of family activities and fitness options are what drew them to The Pointe. Susannah particularly enjoys Mimi’s Step/Cardio class and also likes the variety of equipment for her workouts. In addition to the fitness programs, her kids have participated in several programs over the years including Kids Night Out, Soccer, Super Hero Training, and Nerf Wars (which they especially enjoy).

A couple of years ago, Susannah decided to take her fitness to another level and began working with Pointe Personal Trainer, Lucy Hey. Susannah refers to Lucy as an inspiration who has challenged her to not only improve her fitness, but also begin participating in the Ballwin Race Series. Susannah competed in four events in 2018 resulting in a second place finish in the Ballwin Race Series final points standings! In addition to this accomplishment, she shares that she is in the best shape of her life by making her fitness a priority.

Susannah, you may be inspired by Lucy, but now your story will inspire others. Congratulations!


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