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July 2019 Member of the Month

Jul 3, 2019 | The Pointe

Tracy and her husband, Kevin, moved to the St. Louis area in 1996. They have a passion for music and met 10 years earlier while playing in a jazz band. As a professional musician, Tracy played woodwind and percussion with traveling musicals and now continues to play and repair instruments through her business, The Baroque Instrument Shop. Shortly after their move, Tracy began to feel the affects of what was eventually diagnosed as neuropathy. This diagnosis and the leg pain and instability that comes with it caused Tracy to become inactive. This was a major change as she not only was active, but was a competitive swimmer reaching peak success as an alternate for the 1984 Olympic swim team.

In 2017, as a Christmas gift, her husband purchased a membership to The Pointe. This encouraged her to start moving again. Her knowledge from competitive swimming and her motivation to start moving has resulted in a weight loss success of over 100 pounds in that short time. Tracy’s disciplined use of the Pointe’s indoor pool is commendable and proves, yet again, the positive effects of regular physical activity.

Tracy’s love of music and the motivation it provides during her pool workout sessions is another reason she likes the Pointe pool. Tracy would like to thank Pointe staff for keeping the music alive over the pool sound system.

Tracy has a simple piece of advice for anyone looking to make a change…….no matter the activity, just keep moving!


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