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Diabetes Prevention Program at The Pointe

Oct 31, 2019 | The Pointe

Diabetes is a complicated disease that can affect multiple systems in the body. It is characterized by an irregularity with the body’s natural insulin system. Insulin is a necessary substance that allows cells to absorb glucose(sugar), the cells main source of energy. When the insulin system is not working properly, cells cannot take up energy and the bloodstream is overloaded with glucose. Complications resulting from diabetes may include heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, nervous system disease, and other complications. The best course of action is prevention.

In 2015 over 84 million Americans age 18 and over were considered pre-diabetic with over 23 million of those age 65 and older. The cost of treatment and lost productivity due to diabetes eclipsed $300 billion in 2017. This, of course, catches the eyes of insurance providers. The Point is teaming up with HabitNu to offer a diabetes prevention program. The program is a Centers for Disease Control approved program. It is available FREE to Medicare eligible individuals. 

HabitNu Lifestyle Modification Program

HabitNu is a year-long lifestyle change program delivered to you in-person. Over the course of 1 year, you will complete 26 sessions and exceed above and beyond the goals you have set for yourself. Each week you will be in contact with a lifestyle coach and a group of participants who are working towards the same goals. You will make small and lasting changes in your eating and physical activity to improve your health and prevent type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

What does the program entail?

Keeping a food diary - The HabitNu program includes an easy to use food tracking diary. Food tracking is a difficult practice to implement in your daily habits, but it is a habit that will help you see success. Those who track their food habits succeed in reaching their health goals.

Meeting a physical activity goal - You will work with your coach towards meeting a physical activity goal of 150 minutes a week. You can sync your Fitbit to HabitNu or simply enter the minutes each week.

Participating in the online discussion forum- HabitNu teams communicate via a closed discussion forum. To access this discussion forum, you will simply click on the Discuss button in the HabitNu menu.

Watching our educational videos - In the Videos area of the HabitNu App you will find new educational videos addressing a variety of topics.  Each week new videos will be released addressing ways for you to make small changes to improve your health!  

Connecting with your coach through weekly webinars - Weekly webinars will be hosted by your Coach. If you have any difficulties accessing the webinars, there will be a conference call line that you can dial into and this is a great way to participate in the live discussion when your internet isn't working as expected.

Do I qualify for the program?

Currently the program is offered FREE to Medicare eligible individuals. In addition the program is designed for those with pre-diabetes. To find out if you qualify, go to

Is the program available if I am not Medicare eligible?

Yes! Go to for more details.

When does HabitNu start?

Meetings coming to The Pointe in January 2020, but you can check your eligibility and register today!

The Pointe and HabitNu are dedicated to community wellness.  The affects of diabetes go far beyond one’s blood sugar number. Prevention is the most effective strategy in avoiding the health and financial costs that come with this disease.


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