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November 2019 Member of the Month: Kris Kimerle

Nov 5, 2019 | The Pointe

Kris and her family have been members of The Pointe for 20 years. She and her husband of 28 years, Jon, began using Ballwin’s recreation facilities as an outlet for their kids, twins now 23 years old. Kris is very busy with work as a realtor in the west county area and has recently added wedding planning to her hectic schedule. Her daughter, Leah, is to be married in the Spring of 2020. Congratulations, Leah! 

Over the years, the entire family has taken advantage of the pool, fitness center, track, and gymnasium. In addition to the facilities, the Kimerle family has also participated in of some of the recreation programming. She specifically mentions swimming lessons and The Moonlight Howl 5K. Even with her busy life, Kris finds time to take advantage of The Pointe’s fitness center regularly. Her routine over the years is best described as normal. Kris would come in to do some time on a crosstrainer and use some of the strength circuit. In 2017 she made a resolution to break out of that standard routine and begin attending fitness classes. This was a game changer for Kris. Not only did the classes force her into variety for her workouts, but they also created even more of a community feeling for her. 

Kris points out two current staff members that have inspired, motivated, and educated her along the way. Georgette Rickard leads several fitness classes and is a personal trainer at The Pointe. Kris appreciates how the classes are fun and available to all ability levels. The class activities are modified to meet the needs of all. Lucy Hey is a personal trainer, Spinning instructor, and fills in to lead fitness classes. Kris appreciates Lucy as a great resource for information and how approachable she is. 

Kris encourages everyone thinking about trying something different to come to a fitness class. There is an entire schedule included in a membership and there is something for all levels. 

Thanks, Kris and the Kimerle family, for helping make The Pointe a welcoming community, fitness center!


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