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January 2020 Member of the Month: Don Lucas

Dec 30, 2019 | The Pointe

Don has been a faithful, consistent member of The Pointe for about five years. He grew up in Ballwin and is a 1978 graduate of Lafayette High School. Before joining The Pointe, he had been attending another fitness center for about three years. In that eight year span he has lost a considerable amount of weight and had one knee replaced (with the other imminent). The draw to The Pointe for Don is primarily the facility amenities. Don’s routine includes swimming laps in the pool and using the hot tub early in the morning, then heading up to the fitness center to finish off by using an elliptical trainer, bike, track, and strength circuit. Don makes it in at least four days per week and is able to dedicate three hours to his Pointe routine. He is impressed with the facility’s equipment maintenance and cleanliness. In addition to his fitness routine, he likes bringing his grandson in for the recreation pool.

Outside of using The Pointe, Don enjoys biking outdoors. His regular biking locations are the Valley Park Levee Trail and Rockwoods Reservation. His entire physical activity routine revolves around low impact exercise. Since joining The Point, his life has become full of second chances and new beginnings. His weight loss, repairing knee issues, and search for someone to share additional goals all motivate him. The Pointe has been an inspiration for Don. He specifically mentions Lexi that works the front desk and the many Pointe patrons that have been active for 60, 70, and even 80+ years. He draws from their dedication to remaining active to forge on.

Don understands that not everyone will have the time he has available for his routine, but he wants everyone to know that any routine, when continued, turns into a habit. Don also makes a habit of promoting The Pointe by telling everyone he knows about it and his routine. Keep up the good work, Don, and thanks for the endorsement!


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