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March 2020 Member of the Month: Alex Burch

Feb 28, 2020 | The Pointe

Alex has been a consistent member of The Pointe since 2014. Before that he recalls using The Pointe in middle school under his family’s membership. And before that he recalls taking swimming lessons at the Ballwin outdoor pool before North Pointe was built. Alex has practically been a lifelong patron of Ballwin Parks and Recreation facilities.

Alex has worked as an Advanced Technologist at Boeing for the past 5 years. In addition to coming to The Pointe, a lot of his free time is spent working on his MBA through Washington University. With his experience and Master’s Degree in Computer Science and the completion of his MBA, Alex hopes to apply that knowledge to technical strategy for an organization. He enjoys being on the forefront of technological applications.

When discussing what he likes most about The Pointe, Alex talks about the atmosphere. Like previous Members of the Month, he likes the community feel you get at The Pointe that you may not get at other fitness centers. He has met a lot of people at The Pointe and some have become friends outside of The Pointe. In addition to meeting new people, he notes how members are always willing to help less experienced users with equipment. He also likes some of the conversations he has with staff. He specifically mentions Chris at the welcome desk and how they chat about sports, particularly Nebraska University where Alex earned his undergraduate degree.

When asked about words of wisdom for new members, Alex quotes what he describes as his life’s motto.......”Everyday is an opportunity to get better”. Thanks, Alex, for making The Pointe a better place!


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