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Spring Clean Your Workouts

Apr 30, 2020 | The Pointe

Spring cleaning metaphors are abundant this time of year. It’s time to clear out the debris, get organized, and focus. Let’s dig into this metaphor and look at ways to spring clean your workout routine.

Clear out the debris. Whether you are just beginning a routine or making changes to your routine, spend some time filtering through all the fitness information. There is a lot of erroneous information out there. On top of that, there are many different routines that will get you to the same destination, a healthier you. As with most results orientated tasks, if it sounds like a ‘too good to be true’ shortcut, it probably is. These types of fitness sales pitches and promises are the impulse buys that end up collecting dust after a few uses, until you finally throw them out. Finding the workout mode that works best for you may take some time. Reducing your preferred options can help you sustain and enjoy the activity. In addition to deciding on what type of workout, another aspect of debris is all the reasons/excuses you have not to workout. Prioritize and make it an essential item not to be discarded. 

Get organized. When it comes to a workout routine, have a plan. First, make sure you will get the most from your routine when performing the workouts. Whether it is strength training, endurance training, or a mind/body routine, make sure you are performing the activities properly. This may mean finding guidance from a personal trainer or other specialized instructor. The second part of getting organized is sticking to a schedule. Not every day is the same, however, attempt to perform your routine at the same time each day. If this strict scheduling method does not work for you, make sure your workout is, at least, on the schedule. Keeping a food journal makes you aware of what you are eating just as adding your workout to your daily schedule will help you adhere to the routine. Just like shopping for ingredients of a recipe, write down what you plan to do each day, and check it off the list. Don’t let your workout routine become the expired turmeric you threw out because you swore you would prepare more Indian cuisine.

Focus. Once you are organized and a plan is in place, focus to sustain the plan. This is, by far, the most difficult part of spring cleaning. Focus, will-power, self-discipline….no matter what you call it, it is difficult to change and then make that change a habit. Behavioral science says it takes about 12 weeks of consistency before a new activity becomes habitual. Even after that, it is easy to have setbacks. The challenge is to avoid the necessity of spring cleaning. Focus on sustaining your workout routine so it doesn’t end up like the garage that requires a complete over haul each year. 

Spring clean, literally. One way, of course, to get physically active this spring, is to actually perform the cleaning. Getting your house, apartment, workspace, etc clean and organized will get you moving and make space on your schedule for a workout routine. The sense of satisfaction and motivation you get when organized may just clear a path to the fresh start you seek.

Preparing to take on the task of beginning or changing a workout routine is an important process. Clearing out the debris will help simplify the process. Having an organized plan will help you get the most from your routine, so your goals are met. Most importantly, once you begin seeing results, sustain that focus. The next time you spring clean your workout routine, it won’t be so daunting.


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