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Honesty Is the Best Policy

Oct 29, 2021 | The Pointe

We have all heard this before. So, how can this policy help you attain better health? Being honest with yourself about your health may be the reality check you need to make necessary changes. Whether it is exercise, diet, or improving other markers such as cholesterol levels and blood pressure, when you are less than honest with yourself, it is easier to rationalize your way out of action. 

The truth will set your fitness goals free. In October’s Pointe Fitness Blog, the difference between physical activity and exercise is discussed. Revisit that discussion to realize the difference. The process of setting and attaining fitness goals is a dynamic that, when done correctly, will generate results. First, set realistic goals… realistic, but challenging. “Challenging” is relative to the individual, of course. Second, don’t look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Just know that the light is there and if you stay the course, it will show itself. Steady consistency is the rule to success even if it means getting out of your comfort zone. There are no quick fixes and completely comfortable roads with exercise and fitness goals. Just ask the hare. The steady tortoise wins the race, but remember; he had to stick his neck out to make progress.

Be matter-of-fact about your menu and serving sizes. There is no such thing as the deity of diets. There is no one, grand solution for everyone. There are some honest, no-doubt guidelines to a healthy diet. We all know what types of foods are occasional treats and the types that should be the basis of our diets. There is no reason to kid yourself anymore. If you need to make better choices to get the results you want, it is time to stop searching for “the diet” and simply make your diet healthier. On top of the types of food, serving sizes should be considered. It might be shocking to learn what makes a serving size of specific foods. With that knowledge and the honesty policy, you can armor yourself to eat what is needed versus what you may be accustomed to.

Being honest with yourself for better health isn’t all about physical health. It only makes sense that stress relief and improving mood starts with the honesty policy. Amateur psychologists (such as the writer of this blog) know that the only way to reduce emotional stress is to know yourself. When you are honest with yourself and who you are as a person, your interactions with others are less anxious. Each of us has a unique personality. Being honest with yourself in who you are is the first step in being comfortable in your own skin. No longer do you have to worry about what others think of you, how you fit in, and you become comfortable with your behavior. Doing so will be one of the most stress relieving revelations you will have. ‘Knowing thyself’ breeds confidence and makes all other health goals achievable.

Is honesty the best policy for every situation in life? Let’s not go quite that far. The little white lies designed to avoid hurt, however, are not doing you any good if you continue telling them to yourself. Honesty is the best policy for your own health. 



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