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Wash Your Hands Of...

Nov 29, 2021 | The Pointe

Believe it or not, there is a whole week dedicated to the promotion of proper handwashing. National Handwashing Awareness Week is December 5 - December 11 this year. The great thing about this is that you can research this topic again in case you missed the CDC Global Handwashing Day back on October 15. Mocking the importance of handwashing is not, however, the reason for this month's blog. Literal handwashing is certainly an important health practice. Metaphorically speaking, and equally important for your health, we should know when to wash our hands of something.

November’s Pointe Fitness focused on being honest with yourself when it comes to your physical and mental health.  Piggybacking on that concept and focusing in on knowing when to wash your hands of a person, situation, behavior, etc. is a beneficial stress relieving practice. Here are a few considerations that may cleanse you from your source of stress.

Identify the source

There are times when you let a source of frustration affect you to the point that you forget why you are stressed. Stepping back from your immediate mood and taking time to trace your steps back to the source can help. No matter the source, once you pinpoint it, you can then ask yourself if it is really worth the stress. You may find that the source is such an insignificant part of your life that it takes very little soap and water to wash it away.

Remove yourself from the source

Sometimes this is much easier said than done. The idea, however, is to distance yourself so that what was once a regular reminder becomes nothing more than useless grey water down the drain. There are definitely instances in which the source is an unfortunate necessity and this method will not apply.

Hold on to that grudge

This sounds like just the opposite of what you should do. Holding on to and filing away is different from constantly contemplating ways to retaliate. Allowing the source to stay at the forefront of your thoughts is counterproductive.  Taking an experience and filing it away is the goal. You may then draw on that experience should a similar situation arise.  In this case, you are not completely washing away the source. Instead, think of it as an advantage that you set aside a little dirt to use the next time you are faced with a situation. 

The power of positivity

There are many phrases: ’take the high road,’ ’focus on the positive,' ’positivity always wins,’ are among them. This all sounds a little too sweet and gushy when you are in the moment or faced with the source of your stress. After an initial reaction of frustration, however, positivity will always win out. Just as it is important to focus on the feeling after a physical workout, focusing on positive aspects of your existence will help push the stress source well down on the priority list until it is eventually flushed away.

Frustrations and stress are part of life. Washing your hands of the sources of that stress is important to your health. Finding ways to productively deal with the sources of stress in your life can be challenging. Four methods to take on that challenge have been discussed. Taking steps to wash your hands of the source gives you control. The choice is yours…..control or be controlled.


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