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The Great Resignation

Feb 1, 2022 | The Pointe

Economically, we are in the midst of the Great Resignation at the workplace. A MIT research group recently assembled data and came up with its top five reasons for the phenomenon. After reading through them, they make a good analogy to health behavior. If one of these reasons hits home with you, use it as motivation to avoid attrition to your health.

Toxic Culture:  According to the data, this is the number one reason for resigning. This is a broad term and can mean different things to different people. Avoiding a toxic self-culture is key in reaching health goals, too. A big part of a toxic culture in the workplace is feeling disrespected, whether it be misperceived or real. Health goals always boil down to one’s own actions. Outside sources can help, but individuals must be the ones to make changes for themselves. Having enough respect for yourself and understanding that you are worth the effort is where it all starts.

Job Insecurity and Reorganization: This is an obvious reason for job resignations. If the future of a company or organization is uncertain or blatantly going off the rails, it makes sense to jump ship. With health goals, this applies through the unknown as well. You may think it’s time to exercise regularly or change your eating habits without really knowing how or what to change. Once you convince yourself of this uncertainty, it makes it much easier to simply quit or not even start the process. Finding ways to improve your knowledge is the best way to move forward and give yourself a sense of control, knowing that you will succeed as long as you persist. There are plenty of sources including personal trainers, nutritionists, dieticians, etc. that can help guide you.

High Levels of Innovation: In the workplace, this sounds counterintuitive. According to the group’s data, however, this is the case. Presumptions can be made as to why, but the data doesn’t lie. Innovation is generally thought of as positive. What happens, though, when focus on innovation trumps the top priority to the point that you lose sight of the priority? The health and wellness world is second to none when it comes to innovation. Think of all the types of fitness classes and exercise methods touting to be the best option. What about the innumerous diets and supplements claiming to be the gold standard? There is no end to innovation when it comes to what is really an extremely simple concept… becoming more physically active and making better food choices. Don’t get lost in the sea of innovation; it can become frustrating.

Failure to Recognize Performance: Although this could be a subcategory of toxic culture, in the workplace, it specifically refers to not distinguishing between high performers and those that lag. It is human nature to bask in recognition, affirming you are making a difference. In the workplace as when it comes to your health, this is more external than internal. Yes, it is important to recognize your own progress and take pride in it. At times that may be all you have, but when someone else recognizes your progress, it boosts your confidence and self-efficacy even more. In this case, it is OK to discuss what you are up to with your family and friends. Even if only at the beginning of your process, it will plant the seed so they may look for changes in your behavior or your appearance. When a friend says something as simple as “you’re so good” when you order a healthy option from the menu, take that compliment and use it. You are being recognized for sticking to the process.

Covid-19: ‘Nuff said… Outside of reason number five, this list of reasons for job resignations might help you in your health and wellness goals. When it comes to your health, don’t be part of the Great Resignation. 


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