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Spring Into Action

Apr 12, 2018 | The Pointe

It’s springtime which means it’s time to breathe new life into your fitness routine. New Year’s resolutioners statistically start to fall out of their well-intentioned fitness routines in March and April. Spring is all about new beginnings and new life and it is the perfect time to add some spring to your fitness routine. Re-evaluating your routine and potentially changing some things is a great way to add new life. Although there are lots of ways to change a routine, consistently performing the routine is still the name of the game to get results.

Stay classy……..One way to change things is to incorporate group fitness classes. Traditionally, group fitness has been all about choreographed ‘dance’ routines. That can be fun for many, but a major turn off for others. There are so many different styles of group fitness classes now that there is definitely something for everyone. Check out the schedules and even observe a little of a class before making the plunge, but don’t disregard group fitness as an option.

Have a ball! Another way to stay active and remove yourself from a rut is to add sport back into your activities. Whether it is volleyball, basketball, or kickball, get some friends together and find a recreation league that offers you the opportunity for regular weekly exercise. One particular sport, pickleball, has taken The Pointe at Ballwin Commons by storm. Remember that playing is exercise. Exercise isn’t only about repetitions and time on a treadmill.

Happy trails to you…...warmer weather breeds outdoor activity. Finding trails to hike or run provides immediate variety due to change in scenery. There are great parks in the Ballwin area (see Castlewood and Babler State Parks) that offer the opportunity to be amongst nature while getting a workout.

Periodization…….If you are a creature of habit when it comes to your routine and alternate activities don’t interest you, periodization should be your focus. This method involves changing intensity versus the mode of exercise at varied times/periods. Performing a routine for 8-12 weeks then changing it up forces our bodies to adjust. Strength training and cardiovascular training can both be improved through periodization. If you are a runner or walker and that is the only type of cardiovascular activity you do, simply change the course (find some hills) or perform speed intervals and force your body to adjust and improve. With strength routines adding more resistance and performing fewer repetitions, for example, could be a period. There are many ways to mix up your routine without changing the actual activity itself.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy fitness level has little to do with how you prefer to exercise. There are plenty of experts in the sales field that guarantee that their way is best to get results. If you are looking to ramp it up and make regular exercise a part of your life, do what you like. If you are in a routine rut and looking to make some changes, consider alternate ways to get moving. An important factor is to keep things fresh so you stay on track mentally and so your fitness level continues to break through plateaus. No matter your choice in activity, staying active is the only sure way to get and maintain results.

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