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July's Member of the Month Marilyn Davis

Jul 10, 2018 | The Pointe

Marilyn Davis is one of the only people in her family who exercises on a regular basis because she knows exercise is one of the biggest keys to slowing down the aging process.

There are two more crucial things. “Comradery or interaction with other people is really important as well as eating a healthy diet. But exercise is number one,” she said.

Accountability is an important part of every goal, and Marilyn is known for just that. Her nominator wrote, “She holds me accountable for attending class in a light-hearted way, and has been an example to me of how to reach out to others and encourage them.”

But it also goes the other way. “I always come to classes. By now there are so many people I’d have to tell I’m skipping that it would take more work than just getting myself to class,” Marilyn joked.

There are a lot of barriers to getting in a good workout and to those struggling with the idea she says, “If it isn’t in your routine, you’re going to have a hard time doing it. Everyone is fighting for your time, so you just have to say this is a priority to me and set clear expectations and boundaries around your workout time.”

One of the best ways to do this is to attend group fitness classes. They are Marilyn’s favorite. Fitness classes give you a specific starting time so you can’t procrastinate getting to the gym; they come with accountability partners built in thanks to the other members attending the class; and you have a specific workout planned since they are led by instructors.

Her advice to those taking a class for the first time, “Come more than once. You will learn it. We’ve all been doing it for years so of course we know the routine a little more, but you will soon too, so keep coming.”

Fun Fact: In Marilyn’s family, sisters married brothers. At her sister’s wedding, she met her husband--who happened to be the groom’s brother!

When she’s not working out and encouraging others to do the same, Marilyn enjoys reading, embroidering and completing crossword puzzles. She has been married for 51 years to her husband David and they have three kids, eight grand kids and one great grandchild on the way. David and Marilyn have lived in Ballwin for 25 years and love how it feels smaller than it is. “It’s in St. Louis, but it’s not really St. Louis... it’s a great little community.”

That sense of community is also found at The Pointe thanks to members like Marilyn. Thanks for being who you are Marilyn and positively impacting those around you. You are certainly worthy of the title Member of the Month, congratulations!

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